Saturday, January 09, 2010

first step always the hardest~

Y am i sad??
Y am i so k about it??
By the time i've got no rights to do, to feel anything of it!!!
Can it fade faster??
I'm juz ntg....=(
God, plz stop fooling around wiv me anymore....
my heart can no longer withstand the feeling of heartache everytime when i c something dat i dun wish too...
Conclusion, i know i'm the one who is always psycho about that, so shud i said i deserved it?? deserved for being so kepo?
thought i've decided n hav the determination in doing it, somehow first step always the hardest~~=(

ok, i'm not happy after all.......=(

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Finally, finally my dream has come true where i've got my braces done....well, it's kinda funny as i categorized it as my dream~~~haha, YES!!it is my dream, juz that i wasnt dare enough to brace since i was young coz i scare to extract my teeth, i scare the anaesthetic injection!!!until one day where one of my pt dance teacher tease on my teeth, so i decided to brace~~~scared no more!!

So, i was lucky enough to get into UKM n become their student coz we always hav the privileged to get the free services, and bracing the teeth is one of it.....

After deciding to brace, i've go register at FGG and get a general check-up first, then screening.....and wait for next appointment......

I remember the doctor asked me:'Do u mind waiting for few months to get ur braces?','Of coz i dun mind'....(o.s: it would be better if we can start immediately...=.=)ok, sooooo....the few months he means actually is 12 months until i got the call from my orthodontist-on-trained......OMG, i'm sooo happy to get that calll, finally my dream is one step nearer........

First thing before i got my braces was putting separator.......n i accidentally swallow it together wiv my MCD fillet-o-fish burger after putting it for 3 weeks...n i only realized i swallowed it when i'm watching AVATAR coz i can feel the pain.......=.=*fainted*

Second thing, which is the most scary for me, is teeth extraction....i've extracted 4 teeths within 3 days...i nvr knew i can do this...n wad i wan to comment here is, anaesthetic injection reli reli reli reli FU*KING PAIN PAIN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, done wiv extraction.....i was happy coz finally i can get my braces few days later.....n sarcastic-cally, the path to get my braces was actually tough...coz while waiting for bracing that day, FGG has blackout for few times....n doctor once told me if the electricity still do no recover by 11.45am, then the appointment has to be the time, it was already 11.15am.......God knows how hard i pray juz to get back the electricity.....HELO, i skipped all my monday classes juz to get the things done on my teeth~~~n thanks God He heard my prayers....the electricity has OKAY at 11.25am, fiu... risky at last i manage to get my braces happily...........

And now edi 3rd day of bracing, n i hav eaten porridge for 3 days.....but still not reli can c the movement of my teeth coz i hav grew older, age of 21 consider quite old to get brace doctor asked me to be patient to c the result...Gum recovery slow down already wad.....

Well, i think the next challenge i hav to face is another anaesthetic injection which i hate the most....coz i need to put screw to locate my molar teeth so that it wont move forward instead the front teeth hav to move backward....argh!!i juz cant imagine wad will happen to my delicate gum...put a screw on it...somebody tell me it's not pain at all plz~~~@.@

Neway, despite of all the painful experince, i hav finally get my braces, shud hav happy n be grateful for i shud hav smile~~~but not wide, ulceration will start soon if i move my lips tooo much......

So, hav u smile today???i hav~~~~^^