Saturday, December 29, 2007


Juz came back from shopping, wiv my aunt....

Early in the morning, went to shah alam juz for facial at my aunt's office, then 4 o'clock she had released from work....then, hehehe, shopping!!!!of coz, i'm oni for window shopping, bankrap no money!!!!

Neway, u know, shopping is girl's ability...still bought sumthing though, borrow from my aunt year oni i return her using my ang pau money....sobbing.....bought a make up based n loose powder in sasa, cost me rm90++, n free a small case, hehe....actually at my aunt's office, she bought sumthing for me, that's mascara from revlon n a perfume wiv gold dust...oh man, i juz will lose control seeing all these cosmetics, especially the limited edition from revlon, they r juz sooooooo, wer r u?????hopefully i got enuf money before they r sold out coz my aunt told me they oni be produced once, dat's y they r limited....if finish stock means no more le.....*sweat*...but they r seriously very very nice.....

well, juz a quick update here, will go out to hav supper together wiv my aunt later before she's going home.....whee!!!!!!!^_^

I'm tired!!!!!!shopping is tiring, agree??!

Thursday, December 27, 2007









call me a lazy girl...hahha...

wow, slept for sooo long these few days...i think my daily routine has mixed up, i'm now leading a very unhealthy life style...sleep very late then wake up very, i woke up at twelve these few days....gdness....the more i sleep, the more sleepy i felt....

Well, i'm very sien n bored dis few days as there is very less activities for me....let c wad i hav done after christmas eve....

Christmas, stay at home for the whole day, on9 till midnite...suddenly get caught by billy.He asked me out for movie tml as his fren ffk oklo, since he needs a girl urgently n he willing to treat me, so i juz out lo....haha....ya, evening, went money's house for least this is the only healthy thing dat i'm still doing....

Boxing day,cwatched Alien versus Predator comments actually...juz a normal movie, the story line doesn't reli impress me though....

Today, 27....woke up at chai's msg around 1pm, will meet up wiv him n sean n school n go for lunch together...well, since i'll out again today so called up my junior to pass him my stpm books...he's working in we went to low yat for lunch...discussed comments...then went back....the traffic juz so terrible...monorail worse, got no idea y so many ppl.....After reached home, went to money's house again for, at least today both of us showed some improvement, n i reli feel tired now...means it works, hahaha.......

sigh, sumthing bad is happening on me now... y la he's so serious??i juz wan to leave everything inside der, nvr bring it out.....OH MAN, DIS FEELING IS DAMN SCARY!!!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

~One Nite In MAISON~

Well, celebrated the christmas at maison laz nite....n it was fun...haha, i went there juz for 3 purposes:

2:celebrating ws's birthday
3:n dancing, not drinking....hahaha....hav to pandai pandai jaga ourself, if not rugi easily....

Haha, yesterday we reached maison too early edi, first group entering was us...sit der cam-whore, chit-chating n eating...again the photoes r not in my hp as i din bring my hp down, very dangerous..

Then met my anata, chiling, hahahha, wiv yannie, kah yan n mei foong, all ex-titiwangsa-ian. cam-whore for a while...They said wanna make me drunk coz first time clubbing(wiv frens)..haha, of coz not coz i din drink n wont drink oso...wakakka....

Me n kelly wait n wait but y stil no ppl dance geh???so bored....k....wait for another minutes....finally, me,kelly n all my titiwangsa frens went dancing, warm up the dancing floor first..Ya, it becomes hotter after a while as more ladies r cuming up...well, dat's oni fun wad...

We stayed until 3am leh, wow, man, cannot tahan...long time nvr stay till dat late oredi, n my mom's juz keep calling me thru my fren's phone....actually she dunno i went clubbing at dat moment,dis morning oni knew, hahha......but i said we all very 'guai', we din drink....hahah.....

K, go home finally.....n my mom reli waiting for me, of coz not wiv a broom in hand standing outside the gate, long as i go home then it's ok le....Parents juz like dis, i understand..^_^

Hmm, dis year christmas anything special?well, it's juz so so for me besides went clubbing finally wiv my frens n stay till dat late, everythings juz normal.i remember laz year i celebrated it at my hometown wiv my cousin wer we went church, we sing n we laugh; dis year we went maison, we dance n we laugh...hahahha....kinda diff huh....

Lastly, i would like to wish all of u, merry christmas n happy new year, happy always ya....^_^
n sorry for those who i nvr reply their wishes thru msges as my credit is running low, so sorry... hope dat my warmest regard can be sent to u guys thru the air...^_^~MERRY CHRISTMAS~

Saturday, December 22, 2007




Archieve:2004>2005>2006>2007(jan>april>may>jun>...>dec)。。。july,august,和september, 我delete了二十多封post,skip了那三个月的故事,一个我梦寐以求的故事,但却遇上了错的人。。。










~hardly for me to throw them away~

i said i wanna clean up my room especially my table rite after my exam....But 2007 is going to end soon, n i still haven clean up yet n my room is damn dirty...

Juz now throw some of my previous working sheets....actually hardly to throw them away....Text bks, will keep for a while first as my juniors hav promised to get it from me....wad about the others like tuition notes, seminar notes...i juz hardly to throw them

Even some of my pmr reference bk i still keep it, same goes to my spm reference bks as well. juz feel dat even though i hate them coz they has tortured me enuf, but still, lying beside them study till late nite for days, i juz cant throw it away juz like dat...ohhh!!!!LCY, they r juz books okay??!!

Well, will think again whether should throw them away juz like dat or keep them till i feeling like wanna get rid of them.....


2 in 1

Went for interview juz a promoter in lazo diamond company, based in the mall, pwtc.....will start working from 1/1/2008 onwards...

dunno will regret or not as i nvr thought to becum promoter b4, i wish to find those kind of job that makes me learn new things like nurse, make up artict n so on...n actually my dream job is lounge bar singer but it's not easy i know...well, nvm la, promoter in lazo diamonds can learn bout diamonds, gemstones n platinum oso....if we wan to survive in dis society nowadays, we muz confront n follow the flow n the trend, follow the heart is rather hard to survive i think....

well, dis is life, wer we hav n need to choose the path dat u might think u would nvr step on....but future, who's all unpredictable...dat's wad making our life adventureous....neither like it or hate it....juz accept n gain experience thru everything dat we hav done....

Although i haven start working yet, but started to feel dat studying still the best wer u need not to worry anything, ur job r juz study well, exam, school activites, being a gd student n gd child....but when u start working, ur job is dealing wiv the SOCIETY, wer becuming a gd employee n gd citizen is very concern, i'm still the eldest sis in dis family...

well, all i hope is i can mix well wiv my collegues-soon-to-be n deal wiv all the expensive stuff.....n hope to gain sum new experience from it oso....^_^....n final wish, earn money to buy my ever first platinum necklace...lolz, can get staff price wad.....hahaha....

#最近好像没什么心情blog, 这几天写的都有种草草了事的感觉。发生了什么事?最近的心情也不是那么漂亮,总感觉有些事情变了,一些意料之外的事。但变了就是变了,机会不会一直在自己这里,每个主角都会有落幕的机会。以前闹得沸腾腾的事,现在也轮不到我做主角了。不过,我知道这只是过渡期,心里会酸也是一阵子的事罢了,一切就顺其自然吧。。。

~genting trip~

The next day after back from my hometown, i went to genting together wiv 5 of them(chai, sean, ws, kelly n jeffrey)....damn, i'm so tired, but it's worth coz i met them finally after away from kl for almost 10 days...

Hehe, i better let the photoes tell the story....actually still got lots of nice nice photoes but it's in kelly's camera....

~ws n i, inside the bus heading to genting....

~ws, kelly n i, inside the cable car....

~sean, chai n jeffrey, the boys......

~n the girls, ws, kelly n i.....

~at nite, b4 the movie start, we went to hang out for a while....i luv this photo.....
Har, finish edi ar?wah, the photo reli very few sorry lo...
Actually most of the time we stayed inside the room n play, then chit-chating....we din enter the theme park as the weather was not so nice, so we use the ticket for buffet instead....well, we're greedy again, left quite lots of sotong....opps, so kids oso no fd to eat leh....
n hor, somebody lo, especially the boy, so naughty, keep fooling us wiv the ghost nite, reli hardly to fall the song from chai's hp....i thought is wad, but the song very scary la, especially at night....
Then the next day we went to sushi king for lunch b4 going back....well, i ate a lot, for these two days, hahaha.....
Hehe, haven finish yet, at night still got activity....after came down from genting, i went to kelly's house, sean n chai went back home, ws went for interview....on9, surfing net till around 9pm, we went to kaki corner for dinner....n there r two singers perform dat nite....we dedicated sum songs...they sang very well, serious...then inside the toilet, met one of them, n chat for a while...u know, we're very supportive...we r the laz one who leave....lounge bar singer, my dream job......^_^
reached home about one...n guess wad, i spot a letter for me...n it's from strawberry, it's a christmas wishing card....i was sooooooo suprised as nowadays few ppl or i supposed to say ppl no longer will send card thru post ...
i think dat's the disadvantages of being so high-tech as ppl tends to forget the old trandition which i found is very meanigful...ya, dun u guys think dat dat was meaningful where u write wiv ur own hand n post it rather than u use ur thumb to press....miss her a lot though....^_^

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~penang trip~

Well well, i went to pantai remis first, n overnite at my cousin place before go to taiping...ermmm....supposed penang rite?ya, but go to taiping juz to meet up wiv my aunt n fetch my grandparents...

Then is a long long journey heading to penang.....

~reached the hotel....waiting for my dad n aunt to check n my younger's weird wearing jeans pants wiv flip-flip but due to the injured on my foot, i cant wear sneakers or sport shoes first....

~me, before going to 'uptown'.....'uptown' is a club in penang...first time ever clubbing is wiv my parents....lolz....

~inside the pub....i think the youngest fella is me...dislike kl one....underage oso enter illegally....hahaha....

~my grandparents n i....

~wow. batu ferringgi....i din go into the sea....haha, juz walking around n sit on the rocks....

~another random pic dat i think is erm.....artistic??hahahah.....

~mommy n daddy......

~my cousin n i...

~wow....same cousinzzzz.....

~dis parrot is sooooo cute....n it doesn't scare of human beings at wiv it for a while....wakkaka......

~a book i got from a temple...not kek lok si ok....forgot wad's the temple called....'making life meaningful'....

~'tortoise pool' in kek lok si....

~my brothers n i....
So, dat's all for my penang trip.kinda bored huh.......lolz....neway, as long as i went to the beach....haha....hav to stop here as i'm not feeling well after the 4 hours journey from perak to kl....later gonna unpacked my luggage from perak then hav to pack again for tml genting trip wiv my sji frens...looking forward to dat.....^_^.....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

guyish??girlish??which one am i belong to?

Yesterday went for chinese medic to treat my skin disorder(kononnya...), haha, is to treat my face, coz no more stress but my skin still dun show any result.(i stop eating junk fd, sweet stuff, fried fd, seafd, exercise everyday, but still hardly to sleep early, sweat...)

U guys know wad the doctor said?he said my attitude like a boy, everything rush rush rush, like to make decision faster, dislike those 'ceh ha ceh ha' behavior, wan to do the best once i hav decided to do, so i worry a lot n press myself a lot, plus the stress from stpm. As a consequence, hormone imbalance....

I answered:" uncle, r u a fortune teller or a doctor?", n he juz laugh.then he wrote a recipe for me, all the 'yok choi'....he said:"this formula 30% is for ur skin, 70 % is to balance up ur hormone level",i answered:"after i drank it, will i becum more girlish?", lolz, again we laugh....

Then i start thinking, am i very 'guyish'?i asked my bro this ques, they answered me 'YES'....WAD??IZZIT SERIOUS??????!!!!

k, i admit, i'm quite 'big-action' sometimes...but that's me wad.being too girlish juz not like me...haha, so how?

well, juz be myself....ya, BE MYSELF!!!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I can get on9 finally, but not always....i'm now at my neighbour's shop using their computer to access to the's sooooo slow, got no idea wad's the server they r using.....

Well, juz back to my hometown for few days, was away to penang for vacation.It's all about fun...However one thing very sayang is i was flu, so got no chance to taste all the nice fd at penang, fd dat i ate juz tasteless.....sobbing, wad a waste....

Haha, Penang...u guys guess wad, i went clubbing together wiv my parents....haha, ya, first time ever clubbing was wiv my parents, n wad i've got dat nite?i found dat i'll die of lung cancer if i continue stay der...lolz....besides, went to Batu Feringgi, a place dat full of memory where i met wiv Tsunami in year 2004, then went to kek lok shi, n some other places....Neway, my focus was on the beach....i'm juz so in luv wiv seaside...

Then start my holiday life in my hometown....feel very sien n bored...wad i am planning to do?go jogging at the taiping lake early in the morning, then go for yoga lesson on the afternoon(the fees is very cheap, rm8 per class, one hour roughly), then read some bks, astro, n mahjung-ing wiv my brother...i think dat's wad i'm going to do as my daily routine within des ten days......

Will update all the photoes when i back to kl, very slow over here....sorry......:p

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Online for the whole morning, my frens almost all haven update their blog, few ppl on9...sigh....think they all go celebrate, or else still sien while waiting for my dad to cum back.......

Well, at last finish packing my stuff which i wanna bring for vacation...not many, juz one big bag, n one small bag n few books...haha, dun call me bookworm neway, without gaining inner knowledge i guess i would die of 'starving'....lolz.....:p

~dis is the consequence of not wearing thicker socks while skating+still skate for second round even though injured....sob sob, once i think of i gotta take bath later, i'm going to cry.....very pain...:'(

~stuff dat i brought....a pink colour cap, two own bks, hehe, will get another one from money later...cant live without reading, except school text bks...lolz....
Well, think will feel sien at hometown, so fren, if any one of u kena my sms juz plz teman me for a while ya...haha....i'm so bad, forcing they all sms wiv me....lolz....
N chai chai(opps, get influenced by ws, haha) when u cum to kampar muz call me k??MUZ wor...haha....i'll bring u to the zoo taiping n teach u how to play mahjong if u cum visiting me,enuf kaki edi, plus my two brothers, hahaha...:p

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


1. wonderful life
2.wonderful life
3.wonderful life
4.wonderful life
5.wonderful life

(if u ever get a wonderful life, wad else u wish for?^_^)

yeow li jia

1. quiet sometimes
2. go crazy when it's time
3. sporty
4. a gd leader (head girl wei, no kidding)
5. helpful

er.....spent one nite together in school?i mean during the mooncake festival....hahaha...

erm, no wor....sorry, i couldn't remember....

wow, i'm normal plz.....hahaha....

hmm.....dunno...nvr think of dis b4...

1. nic. chai
2. may sing
3. li sha
4. chee kien
5. john
6. stanley soh
7. erica chin
8. felix
9. who else....
0. Those who wanna do this!

lolz, no idea, long time din meet up wiv her tho....

who is the who else??lolz....

IF NO.9 AND NO.1 ARE TOGETHER, WILL IT BE A GOOD THING?haha, no idea who is the who else...

haha, they not even know each other....n i dun think they r gay...


juz now...

ya, i think a part-timer

no guah....he nvr told me b4...n his bro still small, wakakka...

haha, we r bro-sis, kononnya....he is a nice fren tho....^_^

lolz, another nice fren of mine, he got gf edi la....hahaha

Yes she does..

Through my fren...know more thru blog...^_^

through fren, becum closer after the sji campfire, hahaha....


we r classmate

haha, sorry john......lolz......

Saturday, December 01, 2007

juz a quick update...

Well, juz a quick update, coz somebody miss my article...lolz, ya,i'm perasan-ing, juz forget about dat...haha....

So happy coz science students left one paper to go, same thing goes to me, wakaka, after tuesday, i merdeka edi....yeah!!!!will go ice-skate after dat...Fiu, dat day sure very tired after reaching home, but still hav to pack my things coz the following day will go for vacation, looking forward to dat...hehe....^_^

And another sad thing, i spent lotos of time outing wiv my parents, on9-ing instead of study....cham went for movie rite after chem 2; thurs relax for the whole day; friday went to shah alam juz to do a facial at my aunt place, then went to klang; sat, okla, still got study sum stuff, at nite went to my aunt's place having steamboat.....then sleep around 12-2am every MORNING....exhausted....juz not in the mood to study, feeling like finish examing edi.....sobbing.....luckily yesterday my dad dun allowed me to follow my cousin watch 'enchanted' at one u, if not, i think now i still sleeping, hahahha......

Lolz, ntg inspire me to write for the time being, but still cum up n crap sumthing, lolz.....

N i luv the song, 'zombie'....make me think of 'someone rock'....lolz.....^_^....the song juz make me wan to sing....hahaha....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

~start from nil~


上次在电话簿里删除了不少通讯号码,刚刚在msn的contact list也删除几十个e-mail add.有些是没在联络了,有些是乱add的,既然都不会再联络,就这样删除了。

我觉得这样很好,就想电脑break down,我们都会restart它。人也一样。。。
#人活到了某个阶段,也是时候let go一些东西了,这样,新的东西才会到来,对吗?#

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~my new colour...^_^~

Haha, i know it's rather rush that i dye my hair before the 'school-day' reli end coz i still left one more paper to go, it's next tuesday....however, i edi end my secondary school life in SJI OFFICIALLY....haha....

Juz now my mom hav done the hair dye for me....becoz i told her i wan very red de, i wan very obvious de, so instead of using normal colour developer(9% of hydrogen peroxide), she used an advanced colour developer.(12% of hydrogen peroxide)OH F****, CHEMISTRY!!!!

And i dunwan pure red, so she actually mix certain colour for idea wad the colour after 45 minutes where i 'shun bian' took my shower, i cant wait to c the result, n this is wad happen....


Lolz, i think i hav to put some serum or sumthing oily on my hair dat day, so dat the colour seen not dat obvious, i scare the examiner chase me out from the hall leh....n i dunwan spoil SJI reputation, kononnya...haha!!!

Actually after i took pic, the colour seen still ok, but in REALITY,IT'S VERY OBVIOUS N VERY RED!!!

Haha, anyhow, i luv the colour too, natural enough, make me look more hair too dull isn't it?^_^


Well, juz woke up at around long nvr sleep till tis late, feeling tired still, coz i slept at two laz nite.....

Haha, yesterday rite after finish my chem 2(i hope i got short-term memory lost, i dunwan recall of any exam paper that i hav sat...oh!!!!7 marks ar!!!!!u c.....haih....)me, kelly, wen shiuan, sook yien, chai n sean, 6 of us went to klcc to watch movie, ya, in school uniform, except chai, he changed to his activity shirt.5 of us juz wear like dat n lepak in klcc, yeng rite??haha....we bought ticket first after went to kim gary hav our, eat till so full....haha...then cam whore here n der...well, sorry, cant post rite now, coz those nice nice photoes aren't in my hp....

After treating our stomach, we back to the cinema.We watched wad sumthing emporium, till now still no idea wad's the movie called.i tell u, the movie juz OMG, langsung tak tau wad's the point, no climax, then suddenly i saw 'sarikata oleh', then i said,
"huh?end edi ar?wer's the climax?y like dis de?"
6 of us juz very zadao....haih,i still prefer horror n ghost movie....neway, there's still one thing i found in this movie, dat's is believe in urself that u can change dis's juz dat the story line makes me feel bored...

After finished the 'zadao' movie, we lepak for a while...then go home le, so faz....coz kelly cannot tahan edi, she's sooo sleepy n sook yien hav to back earlier as she lives quite chai send me n sook yien to pwtc then he send others back.....

Called my dad asked him to fetch me after dis....waited for so long in pwtc....i juz hate dat station...i would nvr like to take star lrt at nite!!!!

Ei, my dad drove tonite wor....rupa-rupanya my parents wanna go to damansara looking for my aunt...lolz, of coz i wanna go oso, long time din meet up wiv my aunt n cousins edi....ya, still in my school uniform, dat time was 9 sumthing at nite...

Reached der, my cousin sis borrow me her shirt n i took bath der, then chat a lot, bout stpm(oh, juz stop thinking of dis!!!!), bout f6 life, bout my new school SJI n bla bla bla....whereas my parents n my aunt went out for fun....waited them till 1 sumthing in the morning oni they back....Then back to my own house, change cloths then sleep>>>>that time around 2 edi....

Conclusion for the day,
1.was not in mood after i know my careless mistake in chem 2, n make me lose quite lots of marks....
2.was not feeling well, it has started when i woke up in the early morning, ate medicine b4 going to school, ate again another panadol b4 i enter exam hall, i juz feel so sick....:(.... gary not bad, but... so so....
5.i still hate dat area, hate dat station, hate taking star lrt at nite, becoz i still hate him, ya, maybe for my lifetime, unless i meet wiv accident n suddenly lost my memory, then dat's diff story...
6.i miss my cousins, i miss my hometown, i miss everything dat i leave n waiting for me at my hometown... happy, coz left one bio 2 only......hahahaha.....

Guess wad, i'm going to dye my hair later....hehe, ya, is later....8888!!!^_^

Monday, November 26, 2007


Was tagged by *sasa*...hehe

1. Do this tag and answer all the questions in your own blog.
2. Delete question no.20 and add one of your own question instead.
3. Tag 8 victims to do this tag.


1.What is your dream when you are still a small kid?
i wan to becum a singer....hahaha....

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
when i got wad i wan....mostly not material-based...'materialistic' juz not for me...

3. What do you wish to have right now?
a lot...vacation...extra strength to sit for stpm...n i hope i'm the one who thinking too much....sob, i screwed up my maths!!!!!

4. When is the last time you last horse laughed?
22/11 (my birthday nite,^_^)

5. What did you realize recently?
i'm soooooo dead due to stpm.physically n mentally....n still, cant perform during exam...feeling like wanna jump out from the building...lolz, jkjk...but i'm dead yes....

6. Which bad habit in you that is the most unacceptable?
dunno....i'm the one who dunno myself the most......

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
cry, blog, eat, sleep, complaint, keep quiet...if u guys c me quiet for 2 hours n above plus no facial expression, mostly i'm having problems edi....

8. What are you afraid of losing?
ppl that i really care and love....n of coz those who love me....

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realism one?
learn dancing....treat my skin problem....

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
depends....c how much i cant afford to lose him....

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
playboy, betrayer, liar.....

12. Define loneliness.
when u're feeling 'empty' inside...

13. Are you satisfied with your life now? Do you think any changes should be made?
so so.ya....i wish that things will go as easier as it could be...

14. When is the most recent time you feel touched?
22/11....they gave me a very big suprise...seriously very touched...^_^

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
beach....batu be specific....

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently.
liang bai ju shang by alan ke

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
i juz wan everything to be fine...neither excellent nor great...juz fine wiv no pain....i wont demand for too much....

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?
stpm!!!!!!'s juz sux....i hate the feeling of screwing up any of the paper....

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
sleep, watch tv, eat, on9 chating wiv frens juz like normal... enjoy till the laz second....wad else u can do?oredi going to end, of coz enjoy la....haha....

20. Wad gender would u like to choose to becum in ur next cycle of life?(if u believe in reborn)n y?
female still....can groom up nicely, can wear pants(it's very funny for a guy to wear skirt, lolz) special reason actually, juz enjoy being a girl....lolz....

8 person to tag:haha, those frens(that i knew) who r viewing my blog oredi tagged....n i dunno who else is reading my, juz feel free to being tagged ya....^_^...i'll juz tag anyone of u who pass by, hopefully it will exceed 8......lolz.....if not, then my blog very kesian....hahaha...

Saturday, November 24, 2007




Friday, November 23, 2007


Another song that i found is nice....^_^

(liang bai ju shang)-Alan

*我试着听见 试着看见 (i've tried to see)
wo shi zhe ting jian shi zhe kan jian
所谓的永远永远 (wad's meant by forever)
suo wei de yong yuan yong yuan
好象还差一点 一点 (it's seems like nearly to reach)
hao xiang hai cha yi dian yi dian
无法听见 无法看见 (i can't hear, i can't see)
wu fa ting jian wu fa kan jian
永远永远 (forever ever)
yong yuan yong yuan
就让我说爱你 一百遍 (let me say 'i love u' for hundred times)
jiu rang wo shuo ai ni yi bai bian
不够还不够让一切再从头 (not enuf, it's juz not enuf, to start all over agin)
bu gou hai bu gou rang yi qie zai cong tou
你放了手 全放了手 (u let go ur hand, u let go thoroughly)
ni fang le shou quan fang le shou
我不想要的自由 (dat's not the freedom i want)
wo bu xiang yao de zi you
#发现原来我也有脆弱的时候 (i juz knew dat i can be fragile sometimes)
fa xian yuan lai wo ye you cui ruo de shi hou
发现原来你加我等于什么都没有(i juz knew dat u n me aint anything)
fa xian yuan lai ni jia wo deng yu shen me dou mei you
发现不知到底还要走多久 多久 多久(wonder that how far we could walk)
fa xian bu zhi dao di hai yao zou duo jiu duo jiu
反正只是 没爱过# (at last, we aint anything, we'r juz nvr luv before)
fan zheng zhi shi mei ai guo

Thursday, November 22, 2007

~i luv u guys....unforgettable birthday celebration~

Gosh, rite after i post my previous article, i received chai's call. Actually i'm waiting for him coz he said later eight sumthing wanna cum to my house, need my help to do something, then suddenly he called me n said he cant cum today coz he involved in an accident, near the corner outside my house....dis guy, i tell u, he seriously can get award's juz so true...then he asked me whether wanna cum out n c or not...i juz so panic, pc oso forget to off, then run to downstairs....*sorry for those who chat wiv me till halfway then no reply from me*

Then the 'terrible' thing is here, suddenly i saw sean is walking outside, n i saw chai holding a cake wiv candle lighted....oh my gdness, i juz cant believe it....i saw chai, sean, wen shiuan, kelly n kelly's bf....they sang birthday song to me, but half way i blow the candle off edi, coz the candle is going to finish melting....i juz soooooo touched...first time my fren celebrate for me.....i'm sooooo happy, cant describe the mood now...i juz remember i keeps on 'beating' chai's shoulder n said:"y la u said u accident, i reli thought u in accident de ar......"n seriously going to cry, naughty, they all....sobbing....

After finish eating the cake, we went yam cha at naili's place....lolz, always comment for my sweet nineteen.....thanks for being my fren, i'm so glad to hav u all as my fren.^_^
~me....cutting the cake.....marble cheese from secret recipe...yummy yummy.....^_^

~kelly, me, wen shiuan n chai, sean at behind....jeffery as camera man, lolz.....wad a memorable day.....
Specially dedicate to:
~chai: hey kawan, betul-betul very appreciate u....i'm so happy today...but next time oso dun use 'accident' la, i reli thought u r involved in accident de leh.....neway, reli reli thanks to u n making my first second turn nineteen so memorable....luv ya~lolz, dun misunderstood, luv u as my ji mui or heng dai, haha, either one la, i dun k to becum a boy....n thanks for ur companion all these while regardless i'm sad or happy.^_^
~wen shiuan: hey darling, thanks for every moment that we spend together...eventhough we r in different class, but still we got lots of things to share wiv....luv ya always, muacksss.....^_^
~sean: lolz, actually we juz becum closer fren since this year....remember the day where we always gossip b4 tuition wiv all of them??miss those time...thanks for today oso......^_^
~kelly n her dear: Thanks for giving such a big suprise to me, reli glad to hav u as my fren,helped me a lot n we shared a lot too...^_^
Reli speechless, coz tonight everything juz seems so unexpected....i din expect my birthday can be so suprise(maybe i'm not used to it?), n juz now when looking at the clock, i actually thought:"3 hours left, then my big day juz pass like dat...", i thought no one will celebrate for me juz like the years b4....somehow things might change....n i got it touched.....
My wishes:
*i wish all the ppl around me(those who luv me n those i luv) will happy n stay healthy always...
*i wish i can get gd result in my stpm n enter u+getting the course i wan....(lolz, still hav 4 more papers to go, i hav to study harder if wan to achieve gd result...)
*laz one....i keep it for myself....i wish_____________________.

Conclusion, stpm is hard....

Fiu......time passes sooooo faz, i hav finished half of my paper, four left, but that's where the nightmare start>>>bio 1, maths 2, chem 2 and bio 2.....oh man, i scare paper two, hav to write lots of essay....argh!!!!!well, let me make a summary regarding to the paper that i hav sat.

~PA(1)-dasar was hard, kenegaraan ok, calculation ok....conclusion, did so many past year oso no use coz less than 5 questions r past year questions...

~PA(2)-whole paper actually not reli tough, but dis paper is very time concerning where u hav to finish 2 essays(250-300 words), 2 short comprehensions, one graf, n one question regarding to info transferation within 3 hours....wad u hav to do is keep ur mind clear n keeps on writing, non-stop....seriously got no time for double checking, juz scare i accidentally used short form....

~chem (1)-calc was tough, theory ques oso not past year...sigh....conclusion, i finished up my M16 bullet while doing dis paper, means>>>tembak la....

~maths (1)-huiyo, ini lagi teruk, mampus kao kao....first ques oredi ruin my confidence n slow down my momentum...then i start panic-ing, second ques oso cant do...then, keeps on recalling wad mr.han has told us:"dun fall in luv wiv the question that u dunno, juz move on...", so i skip n skip, finally oso back to the same questions, dis time can do edi coz my mood has adapted to the situation...conclusion>>mpm plays trick wiv us....n one thing very funny, after we finished the paper, n turn my head around, saw sum of my frens shaking their head, means wad?tough lo....n yes, very very de tough, no past year, no trial-like question, no other's schools' ques-like oso....

Final conclusion>>exam smart is more important than everything(study hard n study smart).....n took chicken essence before u enter exam hall, very effective, seriously can keep ur mind clear throughout the hours....however, almost fall sick today after i took chicken essence for 4 days consequently...besides, i ate choclolate each time i enter exam hall....y?coz chocolate can raise our glucose level in blood n calm us down, if u're too nervous or, actually abit headache now....too heaty edi....

well, today is my birthday too, but ntg special....still i wan to thanks to all my frens that had wishes me,sms me thru hp n frenster.....thanks...^_^
the most important is, thanks to my parents for bringing me to dis world, especially mommy, coz i know giving birth is very very de pain.....thanks....^_^

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Saturday, November 10, 2007

~i'm sooo touched~

~money juz came over to my place.... she took out sumthing n said:"dis is for u, happy birthday in advanced..."awww.....i', it's so suprising n i'm soooooo touched at dat moment.....second time she gave me such a big suprise....
First time was 2004 if not mistaken....i was at my hometown in perak, i got her birthday present thru post laju...i juz soooo suprise n the next second i called her up n thanks her....dis time i gav her a big hug....
Actually there is a story y she gav me crystal....dis is becoz she knew dat i actually was in trouble n i'm oso not so fine currently....consider a low tide in my life, so she asked a 'master'(i supposed) about me, n based on wad i need, she chose a crystal for me, in order to giv me luck....u c, how gd is she as my sis....
Maybe for someone, it's normal for them to receive birthday present from their loves ones...but it's very special for me as i seldom celebrate wiv my sis's coz i most likely stay in my hometown during my birthday(school holidays wad)... i hope dis year, i can celebrate wiv everyone that i luv...i know i'm greedy, but pls forgive me...
Today...i'm so happy, not becoz of present, but becoz someone gav me sumthing that i need it the most currently, dat is luv, care n invisible strength from a true fren....i'll carry it wherever i am...:)

~money n i....we've gone thru lots of arguments, troubles, but all the obstacles r tests from God to strenghten our frenship...n yes, our frenship is as tough as diamond....we juz know each other so, i supposed it's worth where we've been in cool war for so many times, it's all about test among us towards a perfect frenship...i appreciate u a lot....luv ya always....muackssss!!!!!:)

Friday, November 09, 2007

~My God~

i hate taking star lrt at night...
i hate passing by the two stations...
drown in the memories that u gav that night...
but it's all liers...
ppl said, there is always a better life after u hav deeply hurt by someone...
'mommy c.' said, after God has closed ur current door, He will open another door that He think is better for u to u...So, dun giv up...
i think i shud believe in wad She said n open my door to let Him come into my life..After we take into believe, only we can witness His existance...this is wad mommy c. told me....In life, there muz be times when family, friends, n ur beloved cant convince u anymore, that's the time where only ur God can giv u strength....

Monday, November 05, 2007

New chapter of my life....

我记得如何为了华文学会stay back学校搞月饼的事。。。华文学会,一个最让我放不下的地方。。。与委员们的感情都是让我很舍不得的。。。
我记得我为了数学不懂哭了多少回。。。也因为考试压力我不得不让‘痘痘’在我脸上放肆。。。(不行,考完试一定要get rid这个可怕的东西)
我记得每一次一有triple period的时候,自己不是在打瞌睡,就是在偷看朋友睡觉。。。
我记得free period时,han哥哥都会跑过来骂我们。。。

Friday, November 02, 2007


soler is great....handsome+you cai hua(one is pianist, another one is guitarist, their vocal r strong n can parts very well too) new idol.....frens out der, google it...^_^

Friday, October 26, 2007

~c u guys LATER~

Well, juz wan to tell all my dear readers, i'll tutup kedai for almost 2 months time.....Y???!!!!becoz stpm is cuming soon, reli reli soon.....soooo scary man!!!!! n honestly, i'm sooooo tense up for the time word, PRESSURE!!!!!!!!ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So think will oni start blogging after i finish my stpm, n oso cum back from my trip, most probably.....lolz.....well, if any special events+i hav spare time, i'll blog...neway, i dun think i'll hav extra time....n my routine juz study study n study then sleep, for the time being, dun hav special events oso.....

So, c ya after 2 months.....will miss u guys a lot....miss me too wor......*blek*.....^_^....GD LUCK for myself, my frens n for those who r taking stpm n spm for year 2007....^_^

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today is 19/10/2007.....i left exactly ONE MONTH to prepare for my stpm.....muz fight till the end....GANBATTE!!!!!

To all the stpm candidates, ganbatte in ur studies.....dun on9 for sooo long oooo...........^_^

Well, very longing for the life after the scary exam......Dad said will bring me to Langkawi n Penang after my exam....k, looking forward to dat.....Beach, sun-shine, cam-whore, i'm cuming!!!!!!^_^

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

my name says...

Well, i found dis in *sasa*'s blog.....^_^

Check ur name!well, i juz checked mine...n dis is wad my name says....

Sexuality is the key word for them. They are extremely sensitive and vocal in their thoughts. They are the demonstrative kind. Communicating with others is no problem for them. In fact they thrive in-group discussions. Sexuality with sensuality combined with their open nature is a deadly weapon. And you are a goner if you come across them. But no need to be afraid 'cause these extrovert are not the fanatic kind and knows how to maintain their limitation, i.e. they can put a stop to their continuous chatter. Reason being public appearance matters a lot them and they want to move in the right kind of status circle. So they'll try their level best to leave no loopholes.

~well, kinda true.....^_^....dat's me.....muahahahha!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


haha, mv shoot by my anata has shown video from local female artist, phoebe, new song--触电...

lolz, so sorry din put up the link here, got no time to search still.....

well, ah moi, u reli got the model look har....u look chun in dat mv, lolz, nope, suppose u look pretty all the time, *wink*!!!!proud of u, keep it on, n chase ur dream, always support u....... muacksss!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007



Sunday, October 14, 2007


Was outing wiv chiling juz now....long time dun meet up wiv her edi, so sayang cindy cant join us.....well, chiling, my buddy since form 2....she has changed a lot from wearing, physical outlook, even thinking....well, everything n everyone will change as time goes.....

Actually dis time outing kinda bored n tiring....i broke my record, wearing high heels shop for hours....MAN!!!it's pain!!!well, din buy anything, wanna save money first, after stpm oni shop crazily....wakakka....

~chiling n i......took inside her car.....dis girl juz freak la, can make up anywhere...inside car, lrt oso not a problem for her....she even can make up while driving + changing cd...yes, the car is moving....driving 100+....lolz, girl....dun ever try it again next time, very dangerous....

~having lunch in secret recipe.....yummy, luv yogurt cheese a lot.......^_^...n we talked a lot too....juz wan to say, girl, u has changed a lot, reli a lot....u can play, but be careful....

~after dat, start our window shopping, lolz....i'm a poor student....was fitting some top in MNG....lolz, she is the one who trying, i oni cam-whoring...not reli in mood to do anything today...i'm so dead still....

~next shop....lolz, two posers....haha, she is finding clothes for clubbing...girl, y la so eager to becum a mature lady??enjoy ur final teenage....lolz....

~haha, my legs r weird....but she is a very great poser....lolz.....pai seh pai seh...hahha

~lolz, she keeps on persuading me to try some outfit...okok dear, i try k??haha, n dis is the result....the top juz too mature on me.....i prefer sporty wearing...
we shop n shop n shop, finally she got a purple colour tube top for herself...i'm looking for sum necklace, but cant find....well, maybe next time....

~going home.....chiling while driving.....

~so faz going to leave....well, chiling, thanks for sending me home.....will miss ya a lot....
说不伤心是骗人的,我知道我现在只是需要时间复原。。。live stronger is the only thing i can do now rather than letting myself drown....muz think positively....回到家,还是send了一封信息给他:"i din mean anything, juz wan to say sorry for being rude need reply...."。。。我觉得,不管谁对谁错,最重要是觉得对得起自己。。。不管他说的话多难听,我觉得我还是需要道歉,因为我昨天的确很不客气跟他吵得很凶。昨天,是我活了十九年第一次被骂得遍体鳞伤,作为一个女人最大的耻辱;昨天,也是我第一次骂了这么难听的话,什么粗口都出完来,因为我真的很气。。。原来一个人很气时,真的很想骂粗口的,不顾形象那种。。。最终,我还是道歉了,想让自己好过一点。。。什么事情都要面对。。。现在,我所希望的,就是开学后,我不想听到任何关于我和他的谣言,只想说,我们没在一起过。。。我希望他知道,受伤的不止是他一个人。。。

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yay!!! i 'LUV' maths..........

sob sob.....who can help me????i dislike maths 2....langsung tak tau vector...die ler die ler....wad is resultant force?resultant velocity?relative velocity????omg!!!!wad the F**K is dat!!!!!!!!!langsung tak faham.........sobbing.........i hate vector, even geometry deduction!!!!!who can help me?????haih, but as i c, at this critical moment, i'm the only one who can help myself...means wad?do more exercise lor..........isshhhhh, hate it hate can i persuade myself like dis way:"ooo, maths, i luv u, luv u soooo much, muz luv me too k??", wad a stupid way it is......well, exercise still need to do wad, no point complaining it....well, i juz wan to 'fa xie'...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So sleepyyyy..

Yesterday yam cha wiv shiuan, sean n chai till 2am....gosh, long itme nvr 'yam' till so late edi....actually 10 sumthing wanna sleep oredi, suddenly chai's msg came n juz okla, join them 'yam cha' since i promised him bring him to 'naili's place' which near my place coz the environment there very nice, for me la....

well, was talking lots of stuff wiv them n laugh a lot....but, sob sob, actually chai asked yi ching out as well, but dunno y she cant cum, so sad....long time din meet up wiv her edi, seriously miss her sooooo much.....:(.....maybe in conjuction wiv raya, so naili's place close at 1am instead of usual time 2.30am, so we left n go for second round, which is in sentul oso, but juz for a while then bla edi....lolz, i cannot tahan edi....

N now, i'm soooo sleeppyyyy.....later gonna go for tuition summore....maths arrrr!!!!!!after that, will eat again wiv frens...haha, sure got lots of things to talk later.....haha, k la, gonna be prepared edi.....urgh!!!i juz hate it.....wanna stay at home instead of going out......:(

holidayz.....but ntg to happy bout it...

sigh, holidays again....weird rite?for a student, i supposed to be happy as i need not wake up early to go to school....but for me dat means time passes so faz....i dunwan sit for exam but i wan the life after exam.....of coz cannot i know, so i still need to study hard+smart(hopefully) for the exam....i hate my life for being so bored for the time being...i hate myself for not doing the thing dat i actually like....sigh, wad to do, dis is another kind of life when u cant manipulate it, so i oni can endure the hardship that i had finally's not a fate actually n honestly....juz i dunno how to enjoy my life...wad a sad story....

however, i'm doing sumthing rite now where the result oni will be showed next year....hahha.....~renovating myself~....i know it's rather odd to use 'renovate' on a human being, but so far dis is the most suitable word i found, to describe my current situation....lolz, hopefully will success ya.....n glad to say dat, i've got strong determinationin in doing dis coz i luv it, enjoy it n proud of the result, erm, i mean soon....haha.... wad i need juz time...n money....hahhaha.....wait n c ya.....^_^ will reborn thoroughly....NEXT YEAR!!!! i thinking too far?now oni october.....lolz, nope, i MUZ get it done by next year, so i muz on the timing now....

kkk, 'bite my teeth tightly'(lolz, direct translate from mandarin, juz ignore it if u cant understand, doesn't matter) to live thorughout my october, nov n early of dec, then i reli can fly edi.....can u c my body is growing feathers?lolz..jk, i was a physics student k, bird can fly isn't due to its feather, but is due to their body shape which apply the bernoulli principle rite?haha, luckily i still remember....hopefully it's correct.......:P

Well, i would still like to take dis opportunity to wish all the muslims 'selamat hari raya aidilfitri', if there is any malays reading my blog....n to all the students, happy holidays...for all the spm n stpm candidates, happy holidays n study hard+smart during the holidays.....n for those who dun hav holidays, stay happy always, enjoy ur life, dun be like me, so dead, k??haha, k la, better stop crapping.......take k everybody......^_^...hav a nice day ya.........:p

Tuesday, October 02, 2007




之前说过,考完试过后要学跳舞,我也在怀疑,真的做到吗?怕自己做工后又没时间。。。这样的话,多久后才会有?也许自己的time management出了问题吧!



这种忙碌的生活不能持续下去,再这样下去,真的会变行尸走肉般。。。很庆幸自己还剩大约一个月的时间,然后一定要彻底地改变自己,physically as well as mentally。。。


Friday, September 28, 2007

i wish.....

online for the whole morning, blogging, hanging around, uploading songs, viewing music video n, again....hahah....will i hav the chance to stand on a stage n sing like her?
ok, end of dis year.....giv it a try......:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

~ because i'm a girl ~ by kiss

这首韩国歌之前很hit,现在应该也还不错吧!mv超感人的。。。相信很多人都看过。。。就是说女主角不小心打翻chemical solution,赔了双眼睛,然后身为摄影师的男友就捐了自己的眼角膜给她。。。相信大家都懂了吧。。。今天只想将它的翻译post上来,因为歌词很到位,完全是我现在的心情写照。。。

~ because i'm a girl ~ by kiss

i just cant understand the hearts of men
they tell you they want you
and then they leave you
this is the first time
you're special
I believed those words
and I was so happy
you should have told me
you didn't like me anymore
but I couldn't see that
and you just rushed me
although I will curse you
I'll still miss you
since I am a girl
to whom love is everything

i heard that if you give up things too easily
to a man,
he will get bored with you
i don't think this is wrong
a girl says that she will never be fooled again
but she will fall in love again
hey babe
the pain it's not enough to describe how i feel
we were so happy together
but i know
now i've been blind
you told me that you'd never let me down
whenever i needed you you'd always be here
i can forgive but i cant forget
even though you hurt me
i still love you...i still love you
don't take advantage of a girl's willingness
to do anything for love and her caring instinct
i didn't know that
to be born as a girl
and to be loved
was so hard
although i will curse you
i'll still miss you
since i am a girl,
to whom love is everything
although i will curse you
i'll still miss you
since i am a girl,
to whom love is everything

~it's juz soooo true.....who is the composer neway?~

Monday, September 24, 2007


第一次觉得读书很难。。。拿回一些试卷了。。。bio omg,paper 2才score一半,paper 1 okla。。。数学,满意啦。。。其他,不是很有眼睛看就对了。。。

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yay, finish my trial finally....well, relax for one day, say 'NO' to books for one day....

Well, after my last paper, 11 of us (li jia, pei sun, kok loon, wei loon, yi juin, siao huoy, wen shiuan, sook yien, siong voon, sean n i) go to times square to watch movie....b4 dat, we went for lunch at u-village first.....of coz, 11 ppls gathered together, sure got lots of funny things happen one.....after dat, go to times square n meet up wiv chai then oni go for movie....'The Invasion', not bad...shout for several times, lolz......i was so sorry coz my 'screaming' frighten wen shiuan, haha, lolz, darling, i did it but i din meant it......plz forgive me ok??hahaha.....well, overall the movie quite nice.....

After the movie, go for bowling.....well, it was my first time playing bowling, n my result sux la.....bottom 2....haha, call me 'queen of longkang'......XD! n i broke my nail....sob sob......

well, now very very tired actually.........dunno, tired+not reli in mood, not reli talk much throughout the outing....sorry pals...neway, outing wiv u guys still very time ajak again ya.........^_^

Monday, September 17, 2007


如果一切顺利,这个星期六又有一个表演了。。。希望一切顺利,因为演唱歌曲是我很喜欢的歌。。。'jane', from serene。。。也许这首歌还新吧,所以找不到它的music score,那天会用classical guitar吧。。。整首歌只差bridge还找不到chord。。。真的要催我爸了。。。
其实爸真的很厉害,第一次觉得他那么厉害。'jane'他只听了两次,就可以弹了,还帮serene parts。。。想说服爸那天当我的pianist,但他都不肯。。。有少少的失望。。。:(
昨天在菱大姐的婚礼上唱了满多首歌。。。算是帮这个星期六warm up吧!在一堆不认识的人前唱歌,多少还是需要勇气。。。努力累积经验中。。。我现在真的很需要勇气。。。

Friday, September 14, 2007


Friday bio student got no paper, so quite relax dat day.....still need to study somehow....:(.....well, after finish schooling, oni, chai, kok loon, wei loon n sean oni will go for tuition at 4.20pm, so middle lepak in class, kononnya study...adalah, u c below....hahahha

~asked them one maths question, 'probability'.....this is the consequence....4 guys garu their head dunno for how long........lolz.....

~finally sean change his posing....i doubt is dat help??lolz....then sumthing funny happen...but i din take photo......lolz.....
After the afternoon session came up, we oso bla n av our lunch somewhere nearby our tuition centre....then they accompany me to sinma, coz i wan to buy hui's birthday present.....met ai yen n soo in the middle......

~two same bracelet, one for me n one for hui.....carved 'h & y' on both....
Finally, nite has arrived.....billy came n fetch me first, then followed by john n hui....everytime feel happy when i c them...........^_^....jia oso came for a while...hey, take k of ur throat ya.......

~me n our birthday gal......ying n hui.......muackssss.......

~ordering some fd.......not bad........promote promote naili's place..........lolz...nice environment.......reli nice.....

~hui is talking to john.....hahha, curi-curi snap......

~hui n i before leaving.......

~john, hui n billy........

~again me n hui......happy birthday in advanced ya..........^_^....luv u so much.....
After reached home, received hui msg :"Hui here...thx neh...i like d bracelet very much..u very sayang me, i reli can feel it..i luv u..haha..u tired le..sleep tight lo...muacksss...."
Haha, hui, we fren for ten over years edi, of coz muz sayang each other la....true fren is not easy to find especially after we grow up, so i reli treasure u guys a lot, my primary yam cha gang, my secondary sis and my frens in st.john...^_^

Thursday, September 13, 2007


明天没有试卷,所以才会上来crap一些东西。。。不知不觉,还剩一个多月就是真正考试了。。。我竟然要在我生日的时候考maths paper 1。。。悲哀。。。

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Next sunday will attend my best fren's sis wedding dinner.....even though my trial is still on, next day is maths paper two, quite tough de......but still i'll go la, to witness her big day....she juz like my half sis edi...^_^

Saturday, September 08, 2007

mY BaBe.........

always ter-watch 'if that's ok wiv u' this music video on channel 71 dis few days......
fall in luv wiv shanye ward edi......HE'S SOOOOOOO ATTRACTIVE!!!!!!!
if that's ok wiv u- (the dancing is sooo nice.....)
no, u hang up- (this mv is!yea, it's hot....lolz...the whole mv's feeling is nice........)

Thursday, September 06, 2007



Monday, September 03, 2007


Today i spent my whole afternoon sms-ed wiv one of my best fren....i was shocked when she told me dat, she went for medical check up n the doctor told her there is a lump in her breast....she will go for a minor operation after her examination n the lump will be investigated in lab after removed......i truely cant believe dis will happen on a 19-year-old girl, n she is my very very best fren, knew her for ten over years edi...

Suddenly i felt that life is very fragile....i dunno whether i can defined myself as 'a ppl that've been walk past death' as i witnessed the tsunami in penang, juz in front of me...n i ran for life wiv my bare foot, n i clearly remember that my foot pain for two days...since dat day on, i changed a lot....learnt to be appreciate, luv ppl around me, juz do everything that i think is neccesary...dat's y lots of ppl out der said dat i'm a very daring girl....y?becoz i dunwan regret after dat.....

Sigh....but we would not know where we'll walk till as God manipulate all of these.wad we can do juz enjoy the moment we own now, try our best in doing everything.....we nvr know wad will happen the next second....

Life, for me.......too fragile to hold, too heavy to carry.........

Take k my dear fren.....i'll always der for u....anything, muz tell me k?

Saturday, August 25, 2007


很快哦!gor gor明天就要飞了。。。猜想他今天应该会很忙吧!不过待会儿还是会打通电话给他的。。。因为不懂还要过多久才会再次听到他的声音。。。俄罗斯,很远叻。。。
~gor gor,去到那里,记得好好照顾自己,真的不用担心我,我会照顾自己的啦,都快两张没得找了,所以真的不用担心我。还有,读医生会很忙很压力的,不要累坏自己懂吗?有了电话号码要赶快sms我,这样子才可以一直跟你保持联络。


Thursday, August 23, 2007



gor gor一直以为我还伤心着。。。然后我回了一封信息给他:
~有长度的东西,涉及范围较广,所以复原得比较慢,哪个地方随便一碰,都是痛处;有深度的东西,只要在同一个地方填补空洞,很快就会被填满。。。我和他,只有深度,没有长度。。。what comes around, goes around。。。对自己要仁慈一点,何必处处执著呢?已经很了解游戏规则了,不管是赢还是输,都要接受。。。~
这次也学会了一样东西,下次要搞姐弟恋,如果想认真,就要慎选,因为很多男孩搞姐弟恋就是因为他们能从‘姐姐’身上得到许多他们在同龄女生得不到的东西;如果只想玩玩,make sure he doesn't cross the limit,then anything ok。。。当然,心脏可要很强,mind set要很好,才不会让自己深陷于分手后的痛苦中。。。

~我记得form 4时,我的英文老师问全班的女生(我是女校出身的),自己是good girl还是nice girl。。。我记得我回答:"good girl"。哈哈,现在?我会答:"i'm a nice girl"。。。

Tuesday, August 21, 2007



哦 忘了吧
哦 忘了吧
哦 忘了吧
哦 忘了吧

Monday, August 20, 2007


已经不知道是第几次home alone了。。。慢慢的,也习惯那种安静。。。

^_^.....happy outing wiv them......

Juz start my school holidays...i supposed to study, but i was sooooo bored of it since i used to study for my past two i decide to hang out for one day to destress....actually today is for movie wiv my guitarist de, somehow i cannot book the ticket thru on9 so we cancelled it oredi....however, i still lazy to study, my mind juz keep telling me, GO OUT, GO, in msn, caught my primary frens ask them accompany go to sing k.....hahaha, i think this is my first time ajak them becoz i more on rejecting their they juz okla, coz I AJAK THEM WOR.....hahahha....haih, actually b4 dis i called soooo many frens c who is free, but none.......sob sob...luckily still got them........

Another sudden outing....

Well, felt happy when met wiv them...of coz, primary till now wor........ten years over fren oredi.....

~seok hui n i inside monorail....we knew each other since standard the same class till we graduate primary......secondary seldom contact wiv her....well, still very gd wiv her nowadays...n our school quite near oni...i studied in st.john, she's doing acc in mc-orange, very near....

~kian hou.....knew him since standard 5....pts fella.....damn geng in smart fella....

~seok hui n i, inside k room.......

~kian hou, billy n seok hui r singing....

~kian hou, seok hui n i........

~hui, me n kian hou....while waiting for idea wad he is buying.......

~hui, wad u doing der?lolz.........aiyo, feel dat i very perasan....always cam-whore here n der........

~hou, hui n billy..........

~kian hou n i.........

~me n fren for ever......

~billy n i.......dis one knew him....forget oredi...but i remember we always argued when we were small, ahahha, small kid wad.......stupid me, my face edi sooo big, still do dat pose summore..........

~going home.....waiting for monorail........oso wan to cam-whore, hahahah..........

~hui n i....another sweet memory b4 going home.....

Haha, sang for 3 hours today......well, still feel dat not enuf for me, coz i still got lots of songs haven sing.....n my voice hasnt gone yet........wakkaka.......reli long long long time din sing songs in one-shot le.......felt soooo happy n contented today...singing always my passion.......^_^.....hheheh, will go for another shot wiv ching ju after stpm........hahaha.......looking forwards for that...^_^
~billy, hou n hui, if u guys wan photo plz ask from me in msn ok??thanks.........~
~to xiang xiang: hey, happy birthday ya....^_^.........~
~to my dearest bro, stanley: dun worry k?jie jie always beside u, cheer...........^_^~