Sunday, October 09, 2011


i shouldn't have meet u in the first place, perhaps i wouldn't know how awful a heart-breaking feeling can be~~ Suddenly everything seems so wrong~~='(

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Eat Pray Love

When i watch the movie , i was actually wondering who the hell in this earth will actually face the same prob as Liz, where she wanna step out from the marriage so desperately, wanna get rid wad she has used to in her life...For me, it was just a movie, a drama of life~~

And now, hell no i'm the one who standing on the horn of dilemma, a situation where i thought it was extremely ridiculous for me, like what's the point of being like Liz, just go on with the marriage, giv birth to a bunch of babies, stick to her career n just live! A happy family+secured career= happy ending! That's it!!N i forgot the fact that we would never feel 'full' and 'contented' about ourself, our life and bla bla bla yet we are scared of stepping out from our comfort zone~ At the end of the day , we suffered~sometimes when u hav been comfortable for so long, u'll get numb, and u no longer understand what happiness is~

And lately, finally i sort of understand the feeling of being stuck in the middle of nowhere in my life~ where 'lifeless' this vocab slowly creep into my life without seeking my permission...n now i realize, when it comes, it just comes without giving u an early notice~by the time u realized it, it is actually happening already...And u start thinking, wad i want in my life... when love, relationship, friends and family can no longer tame the desire within u~~u want something bigger than these, and u start looking, what is something bigger than all these~~freedom?

Yesterday after a long talk with someone, suddenly i hav the urge to get out from here, want to experience something i have never experienced back-packing to some other countries alone for few months, see new things, learn some new languages, taste the cuisine that i've nvr tried, devote myself to God in order to find the balance in life, or run into someone during my 'refinding myself' period n alot more~~very Eat Pray Love right? N i sort of called it as a turning point, a complicated phase when u are going to entering a new phase which makes u either a better person or sadly to say, a worse one~~=(...just like metamorphosis, just dat u might become a moth instead of a butterfly~~

Life is hard, it only comes easy when u think it is~~

Living life needs lots of courage, but changing ur direction of life needs a lot more courage, more than wad u hav expected...

God bless!