Thursday, July 30, 2009

my past few weeks~~~

Wow, i can c fungus is growing everywhere in my bloggie...well, coz lately ntg reli special events like no point updating....neway, there is still some stories to share for my past few weeks de~~n also yesterday...hahaha....

well well, last week went back to kl home after having pharmacology in fac my nanny visited to kl, so went back teman her for few days......n of coz wanna get my hair dyed, so need my mom's help.....

n there is another event on saturday, which is carris's convo.....b'coz her parents cant attend it, so she invited me n chai instead....

~this is the bouquet we bought for carris....

~chai n i..........
actually the event quite bored....most of the time i juz sit there playing wiv chai's slr!!!juz feeling like wanna get myself a slr camera.....but so expensive, for me la...cheapest also 1k plus, juz for the body, not included the lens, if not mistaken....sometimes, the beautiful moments wont last as we wished, so only camera can do the job...the keep the virtual feeling last~~~ok, my next target, a slr camera~~~
Met my f6 senior in the convo, met andrea.....and the remaining time was used to take pictures.......After that, i went to setapak find ji han n boon wee they all again...ntg much, juz chating, miss my frens in supposed hav one pharmacology class at kl, somehow all classes in kl hav been cancelled due to H1N1 flu, n my ex-college, KTSN was being quarantined for 3 days as few students were infected wiv the flu, until yesterday only free again.....
hopefully they will recover asap....*finger-crossing*.......
Hehe, then this week i hav attended my uni New Tune workshop........finally i get myself in as member...hopefully after this i can fulfil my wish, sing my lungs out, hahhaha....i want to paint my 2nd year in ukm in a more colourful way b4 i back to KL during 3rd year...kl campus is all about study, mostly....i dunwan buried under all the text books, it's not my type~~~
And and, hehehhe, yesterday manage to go out breath n shop for the things i's been ages i din shop, budgetly....hahhaha........n after 3 hours lab, me n my housemate went to cheras selatan, jusco......

~this is the dress i wish to buy, however, even the new one has lots of deformed....although i like it very very very much but i think with the condition, it's not worth the i 'ren tong' giv up the dress, sigh, i believe i'll meet a better dress next time....well, the dress looks rather odd in the pic...but in reality it's nice....
There gone my thursday....haha.....well, today stay at!!!!!2nd year is tougher a lot more than wad i many new things..........n 8 major papers......chemistry is killing me!!!!i prefer pharmacology 'more more sheng'!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

finally manage to on9!!!

After N years......i manage to on9 again.......thanks to P1WiMax!!!!!

2nd year life sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!especially polymer chem~~~~langsung dunno wad is dat....

Monday, July 13, 2009

i hate gastric~~:(

Last thursday DAWN, i was waken up by stomachache.....I thought it was just normal stomachache, so i juz ate some 'feng sha yun'...well, it turns better at first...somehow my stomach still feeling discomfort for whole day...At night, the pain attack me again, this time i reli cant stand it so go to nearby clinic and consult doctor. well, the medication that the doctor prescriped to me somekind like for those who r having fd poisoining, but i din cirit-birit lo.i asked whether i'm having gastric or wad coz i'm feeling burning sensation on the GIT and nausea, but he juz told me it's juz stomach upset..neway, juz take it first...well, became better after that....n i hav my day happily for one and a half day....

Till sunday night when i reach kajang's home, and gatal-gatal go n drink yogurt drinks......hoho, dat's the story start...i start feeling stomachache AGAIN after half an hour i drank that. And the pain is very intense, worse than last few days...i try to withstand and wait for tml morning to go to uni pusat kesihatan. However, at night, i reli seriously cant sleep at all due to the pain...So, ys send me to the clinic again n this time i request for an injection to curb the pain.....

This time, another doctor consult me which i think is better....he told me after injection if u still feeling pain then it's gastric....k, he gav me diff medication this time coz i told him last time one dun hav much effect on me, and an injection on my butt....

The effect only last for about half an hour, after that, pain again. again at dawn, i woke up and go to living room wiv my pillow, coz i scare i'll wake her up as i always crawl around due to the pain....finally, i cry...juz feeling so suffer where i still cant get myself a gd night sleep at 4am but hav to withstand the pain till the next morning...n this time i think i'm quite sure that i'm having gastric which i nvr had b4.....

So, now i hav to reli take gd k of myself n hav a proper diet to prevent this from happening again...Y gastric u'll find me???:'(


Saturday, July 11, 2009







1. 没有宵夜!!(某某人:下次我帮你你可以不用请我吃大炒as宵夜了。。。)
2. 没有快餐!!(coursemates们,下次你们打包kfc n mcd不用预我了,我决定吃maggi面)
3. 勤力做瑜伽!!(拜托啦,麻将四个kaki满后,拜托自己去做瑜伽拉!)
4. 还有很多很多啦~~

Friday, July 03, 2009


Viewing back my previous photo, i hav realize i reli reli seriously gain lots of weight within half year...i doubt where all the fats cum from???

maybe all the cup noodles n huge amount of biscuits during study week and final exam....also the contraceptive pills which i hav taken for 2 months, cause water retention in my body....and also all the chocolates, biscuits during my 3rd sem.....n the most serious>>>> SUPPER during normal day!!!!!and of coz, my laziness not to exercise!!!!!!!!!

Argh!!!!!!No way no way, this cannot happen on me!!!i'm such a girl like beauty soooooo can i turn into this way!!!!!

Ok, i giv myself 2 months (longest!!!)to return to normal!!!MuST!!!!

Sigh, my coursemate sure disappointed on me since i hav promised them that 'xiao bai' will at least cut a lil fat away within 1 week....but somehow instead cutting off the fat meat, i hav had upper for 3 days in one week.....*guilty*