Saturday, December 27, 2008

i'm sick~~~:(

Have been back to hostel for 3 days....n i hav fell sick for the second day.

First day, reach hostel about 10 something in the morning, clean up the juz renovated room for few hours.....then went for dance practice....contemporary reli can kill man!!plus it's been history that i dance night practise another dance, pure chinese traditional's juz so tak biasa for me to handle the 'chinese fan'....

Second day, that's where the story start.7am stomach-ache till wake up, after went toilet, sleep again till 10.30am, then 11am went lot 10 n setapak to settle something till about 5pm, rest for about half an hour go to find joyce n tell her i cant practise today as i reli reli sick....fever+muscle ache+intestine discomfort.....not reli eaten...cant even finish half of my 'brunch', my dinner either...then sleep from about 9pm till the second day...woke up in the middle of the night due to the damn itchy man!!!!

Third day, felt better at first.....but dunno y, i'm not reli feeling ok after few hours i got up.....diarrhea, starting to headache again.....took medicine juz now....n now wanna get back to my bed........oh God, i'm juz very very sick~~~:(

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas eve outing~~

Finally~~~~i manage to club again, it was half year back for my last clubbing, miss the feeling though...

Well, met some new friends yesterday, ah king's frens, money's frens, and frens that knew in club, but i would nvr remember the name for those i knew at dance pool, coz seriously i cant hear wad they r 'shouting' beside my was sooo noisy inside, and so damn packed....

Haha, guess who i met?i was so suprising meeting they all u know~~before enter club, denson pass by me...yes, the suprising saw him der...he cant reg me at first, so din stop me, luckily i can reg him??hahha~~

Then after entering poppy, angeline, my klcc colleague approach me, omg, itu reli 'pou ka'...then saw sandy, joyce....hahha, very happy seeing them oso......okla, got dance a while~~

Then we went up to the passion bar, but i found the music not my type, it's more for boys to do i always go down to poppy, i juz enjoy the feeling of dancing in the dance pool....lolz~~

~haha, dis girl, milo, we r falling for each other for the first sight, we juz knew actually but like knowing for so long like dat, miss her leh.......reli enjoying club wiv her de, we juz look alike, physically(they said so), n mentally, i think so....hahha....aiya, girl, so ke xi we din get wad we time we ganbatte ya.....^^hahhaha~~

~all the girls, milo, yean, me, money n phoebe~~~^^

~all the boys, yong zhi, ah king, me(i'm not a boy k?)ah hau and owen....

~group again next time, hahahha..luv u guys~~~~MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

~meeee.........i realize i hav gained weight SERIOUSLY......nvm, hopefully i can slim down after start practising dance......
In a nut shell, yesterday was a happening night for me......'result' ar?not bad la....hahah.....
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the readers ya.....
emo talk: yesterday i accidentally delete everything in my phone...all the songs, photos, EVERYTHING HAS GONE~~~yesterday was the first time i wish to turn back time soooo badly....all the memories r priceless....:'(

outing AGAIN~~~

Well well well, honestly, dis week hor, my daily routine juz work, then steven corner's stuff then was a packful week for me~~~n everyday sleep around 2am...gosh!!!!!my health reli hancur~~~

Neway, yesterday out again, WINGS again, sji frens again.....hahha, chai, sean, wei loon, wei loon's fren, li jia, kelly n wen shiuan...well, juz normal chating, ask about their late life as some of them juz back to malaysia....

~li jia n i.....she juz came back from Australia not long ago...sem break till next year good~~happy seeing u girl~~

~darling shiuan n i, she's is doing statistic in UM....

~me n kelly....

~mr.wei loon n i.....haha, after that we took some funny pictures...but i'm not going to post.....hahhaha....*so secretive*...hahaha.....dis fella physics n maths freak, doing material science and engineering in luck ya dear....haha....:P

~wl's fren, me n wl.....his fren quite talkative de, from vietnam....doing chemistry in NUS also....
After that i called up my frens ask for tml's eve wad...n finally i hav decided today, will go poppy...hahha....poppy, i'm coming~~~thought wanna go quattro de, but suddenly cancel coz jeff having fd poisoning, take k ya my fren....nvm, suddenly yean sms me ask me wanna club tonight, lolz, i juz 'sai le lang' la....too bad jj cant follow as he is engaged wiv time ba~~
Haha, cant wait to enjoy le....lolz, half year din club man!!!
N ya, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the readers ya...^^

malay's wedding

~the weather is so i'm attending a malay fren's wedding....he is my i'll go meet all the chinise boy at titiwangsa station first~~the skies r blur, plants r green....feeling comfortable when staring at it...

~the raja sehari....hasnu n his wife....

~me n the forensics boys~~~

~intan, adilah n i....

~i wish them 'white head untill old' hun kuai le oo....^^

Monday, December 22, 2008

beginning a new life>>lady

~Kelly Lin Xi Lei....only wiv one glance, the 'sexy-ness' enough to kill u~~

~She can be so sweet n gorgeous as well.....

~Sarah Jessica Parker...she's very femine u know~~

Juz now chat wiv money....suddenly she said she's old edi...i ask y??u're juz 20, ur life juz start girl~~then she answered me:"20, no change", direct translate from cantonese lar~~(e jiong mou dek zhao)

Suddenly it makes me realize dat i hav gone through 20 years of life~~~n wad hav i achieved?seems like ntg...

N i start realizing how life can be such amazing?from a sperm+secondary oocyte=ovum (sorry for being such DETAILS)>>zygote>>embryo>>foetus>>baby>>kid>>teenager>>lady>>woman aka auntie>>old woman aka old auntie aka popo.....AMAZING rite?

N analyzying the sequence above, i'm currently in the stage of lady.....

Watching all the drama, movie, wad a 'lady' shud be?mature?sexy?young?

If let me choose a 'lady' as a target...i would choose the Carrie Bradshaw(Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie 'Sex And The City', she's so independent, intelligent, gorgeous, so got taste wiv her life n etc....dat's my aim...haha....well, the taiwan artist--Lin Xi Lei oso not bad, she's sooooo sexy even juz wiv a tee n jeans pants....the 'sexy-ness' is from inside...*pictures available above*sorry for the faulty fault my fault...hahaha...write till half only feel like wanna post photo~~

Haha, obviously i just start my gdbye to my teenage.i shud start enjoying a new life of a 'lady' shud hav....i think this is the stage where a girl manage to change so terms of physical outlook, mentality development, the attitude (the most important one, A TERRIBLE ATTITUDE WILL MAKE OTHERS THINK THAT YOU ARE CHILDISH AND LOOK STUPID)....i'm changing no doubt...^^

I'm not a girl, not yet a from Britney Spears....ya, i'm no longer a girl right now....i'm a lady....PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, N BIOLOGICALLY....lolz, 'biologically', sounds funny...ahahha....lolz, secondary sex mah biologically lor~~~hhaahha.....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

stay tune readers~~

so sorry to all my dear readers due to my lack update...coz dis week i'm seriously bz wiv working....neway, all the article-coming-soon r all in progressing.....stay tune...*wink*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

hehhehe, another suprise~~thanks my dear-zzzz....

I hav promised chai 19th of dec i'll belanja him red wine..and b4 dat he always keeps on reminding me:'dun forget ya, dun forget 19th red wine ya~~~'....i juz...=.=....okok uncle, i'm not having Alzheimer's disease lar~~~

Ok, so that day has finally reached....After i finish my work at KLCC at 6pm....i wait for chai to fetch me around i stay for a while more at my counter, well, no paid is being made for staying OT....n i oso use the opportunity to explain the cafe project to my permanent...ya, i'm part time doing a cafe project to earn some side a very gd project to join point, poor student gotta work very hard to earn more money...99.9% i'm not going to apply JPA...sigh...confusing~~>.<

~me me me, inside chai chai's car..he is buying movie ticket...n then hor, curi-curi simpan 3 more, show me 2 nia..we watched Ip Man.nice movie~~~i cried~~~sob sob...

~hahhaha, reli suprising when i saw sean, kelly n jeff bump out behind me holding the cake wiv candle lighted suprising n so touched~~~heart u guys a lot....haha, they r celebrating my birthday for me...coz they were all bz wiv exam during my birthday....

~after make a wish....hehehe.....^^

~me n mr.chai....thanks for the planning.....second time u guys celebrating for me le....i still remember first time u cheat me that u involved in an accident near my place, i reli going to rush out le, pc oso din on...then i saw u guys holding a cake....:p...then dis year cheat me again....haha, y we will only get suprised after being cheat ya??ahhaha...

~hearts them a lotttt~~~jeff, kelly, me, chai n sean~~~

~guess i met who?i met kai ting, a girl knew from kaki corner de....she was the top 10 for pop star singing comp....and wad a coincidence, she's having a show at wings cafe dat night....ganbatte oo girl~~u reli can sing very very nice~~^^

~group pic wiv kai ting..

~another singer we met, vivian, one of the top 10.....was my tuition mate, haha...add oil girl, u oso very geng in singing~~

After that we went for movie lo....u know, i so useless....hav u all seen a girl cry when watching 'kung fu' movie??is kong fu movie, not those love story like 'titanic', or 'money not enough use 2' from SGP de....kung fu movie er, n i go n cry......zadou 999999~~~~well, it's a very nice movie overall.storyline is gd, the quality of the movie id gd too, in terms of graphic n their kung fu skill....'zhen zi dan', the main actor so bloody yeng~~~sooooooo my type la, hahah..*blush*
Again i went back home around 2am something, sleep at 3am like day rest, luckily~~~
reli reli super tired~~~but it's all worth it..^^

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hou Q sien ar~~

Oh God, Ntg to blog about my life...everyday juz stay at home ON9....urgh!!!!!
well, slept for sooo long these few days...the longer i sleep, the more tired i feel...msg cum i oso dun k, reli reply short short, i juz wanna sleep.....

neway, going out soon, to petaling street...haha, a place that i reli dont pay a visit for ages....lolz....lots of memories there~~haha, dat was during my high school life with all the so-damn-pack tuition classes.....

emo-talk:stupid me, y am i angry at u due to this.....we arent ANYBODY in each other's heart....we r juz FREN...i shudn't ask the question that i already knew the answer....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PC fair of Dec 2008

Sorry to all the readers for my lack update as i was busying for PC fair for the past few days, the three days were reli hectic for me.....Actually the day before PC fair, i was also work full time shift at parkson KLCC, then the next day start PC fair edi, i was just....=.=...very very tired...And i end up sleep until 1.30pm today, the first day after i finish my PC fair...

Second time work in PC fair, it was reli happy, i'm feeling contented coz i was occupied, i luv to talk, no doubt, n meeting diff kinds of ppl....n i do reli enjoy working wiv all my colleagues....Even though we juz knew each other, but after we finish the PC fair, the feeling is how to describe it....felt some kind of relief maybe...hopefully can meet wiv them again the next PC fair....

~meeee....first day working....i was selling Lenovo notebook....

~haha, i prefer white colour uniform...2nd day of working.....left-right: lenovo show girl(sim), me n yenn....

~me n yenn...thanks for intro girl...2nd time working together wiv her edi...first time was toshiba...kakkaka.....^^

~me n sue yin....lolz, she said she likes me the most among the girls....kakaka, i luv u too girl....^^

~chloe n i...she's so pretty....but so sad we r not working at the same booth...

~jess, me n aiya, forgot the name edi, so sorry ar....i'm not good in memorizing ppl's name....but i remember ur look....i once wrongly reg the girl n ask her whether she's came from titiwangsa girl school, coz reli look alike...hahah...
Others i din take photo coz lack of time n lots of them go back right after the PC fair....somebody who i reli need to mention here like Felix, ah Ching, Damian, Alan, the one who look like artist, Faruoq, Fousal n lots....reli happy working wiv u guys~~^^
And actually frist day i misunderstand faruoq...i thought he wanna rampas my customer n 'boh song' him, but after that he explain to me n i do apologize, i felt better after we hav made things clear...u know la, personal commission wor, everybody oso wanna earn money sure will happen dis kind of thing, i reli learnt a lot regarding computer stuff....that's the bonus i gain....hehe....
Well, met lots of frens within these 3 days....met kok loon, chiling, cindy, zhu huey, they r exhibitors as well; in terms of visitors n customers, i met denson, my titiwangsa frens, Pn. Rubiah, Yong Chang teacher (drama instructor for ukm pesta tanglung), wan ting's mom, jeff, chee sum, Adi (my pjkn fren), Alex (once my Toshiba customer), A girl wer i din asked her name (once my Paul & Joe cosmetic brand customer), Sze Nee n etc....i couldnt remember all... Some reli shocked seeing them...haha...
I remember before PC fair i was sooooo down, but i do feel contented during pc fair, i din think about sad stuff anymore, i actually very got ohm to do sales...juz when reached the 3rd day, i was suffering from dry lips n ulcer...cham...=.=....
Well well, it has ended officially....shud get myself enough rest n think about the DANCE stuff....clean up my room...look for other part time job maybe, b4 i start my second sem....hehehhe...^^

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yesterday about 8pm sms chai to ask whether he is free later....juz still not reli in mood, wanna go somewhere else rather than staying at home....not necessary need to talk, i'm ok if juz sitting der quietly doing ntg...i still dunno wad's wrong wiv me..

Well, 10.30pm, he came over to KLCC to pick me up n we went to Wing's cafe.....Nvr thought to 'drink' tonight....however since the wine's lover recommended me wan to hav 'drink' tonight? I said 'YES'....this is the first time i consume alcoholic drinks due to sadness....Last time whenever i drink, i drink it for fun.....Dis time i drink it wiv a purpose...maybe wanna get drunk, so dat i can get rid of wadever problem i'm having now....

~well, only 3...each of us share one a half bottle....the percentage of alcohol is so low n doesnt cause me to get drunk, juz abit dizzy~~~


~so fast, christmas is coming soon......i hope this year i've got something to do wiv my christmas eve.....ah moi, spare that day for me ya...:p

~last glass of HOEGAARDEN WHITE BEER....
comment on the beer: The white beer we ordered yesterday was imported one, the waiter said the taste is smoother than our local beer...It doesnt taste bitter n coarse at all..However, when i first drink juz like drinking tap water...cant reli feel dat it's beer...well, after few minutes, the alcohol start acting on me...can c dat i'm not a gd drink-er...i easily get drunk....well, my mind still clear, juz a lil bit dizzy~~
We talked quite lot today, about life, bout my problem...seems like i'm facing a blunt end in my life. I'm just 20, y am i feeling all this juz like i'm an old woman?haha, dun ask me y~~maybe i'm entering another phase of life... This one only time can heal~~

Monday, December 08, 2008








很想shut down一切一切~~~

wad i wan?

aduh~reli am dui ar today!!!personal sales reach about 2k, but got no commission!!!am dui or not!!!

Sigh, dun talk about dat~~it doesnt a matter for me though...

Talk about my life?
Well, so so lately, sometimes work sometimes not...
I get enough sleep everyday, i can eat well...
well, i'm healthy overall..

But y am i feeling dat again?
wad'll u c when u c a figure walking wiv no soul??
YA, u r right!!i hav no difference wiv corpse for the time being...
I feel dat i'm so darn poor~~
not in terms of money, but in terms of mentality development...

I know i'm not lacking of rest-ness,
i know i'm not lacking of sleeping hours,
money?dun think so...
i'm still living happily wiv my family...
i'm alright wiv my frens, maybe juz lack of contact lately...
i found dat i'm lazy to maintain a relationship,
so i think i deserve to be lonely all these while..

I always thought dat when i get enough rest, hav a reli gd time wiv myself,
no longer bz wiv uni stuff, no torturing exam, no burning midnight oil,
can lay at my cosy bed for 24 hours, can shop, i would get happier~~~
but no....
i'm not lacking of all those stuff, i'm not feeling happy or contented or wad so ever by getting rid of all those stuff that i always think dat they r scary n peeling me off~~

life would get terrible when the life planner-shud-be himself/herself has no further plan for his/her life, or the life planner got ntg to do wiv his/her life...
I think those busy ppl would feel like punching me and beating me up for not appreciating the precious leisure hours that i've got....
ya, i know i'm wasting my life..
i got no passion in my life anymore....
i dunno wad is a meaningful life anymore...
i dunno wad i wan~~~

#if i got a perfect boyfriend aka dream man currently, am i happy?
if i got a platinum card, n i can shop wad so ever i wan without the need to clear the monthly statement, will i feel contented?
if i'm now living in a bungalow wiv perfect designed, highclass furniture, need not to worry bout my living, will i get happier?
if my life is now full with party, activities, learning all the stuff i wished to learn without worrying the tuition fees, will i get happier?
if my life story juz like those 'disney movie', live happily every after with my lovely family, n ppl whom i love, am i reli happy?#

then GOD, Plz Tell Me Wad I Wan??!!




Sunday, December 07, 2008

The days in perak~~

Well well well, i'm back finally...actually juz went back hometown for 3 days nia~~the feeling juz like u eat something very nice+delicious+special, but u only manage swallow it to ur throat rather than ur stomach, the fd juz like wandering along ur alimentary canal~~~arghhhh!!!cant reach satisfaction~~~

Before reaching pantai remis, we actually went to Teluk Intan/Teluk Anson to refrensh my dad's childhood n teenage-hood memories as he grew up there and received education there...juz went there n hang around for a while before moving to pantai remis. Then he purposely pass by his secondary school--->>>St. Anthony High School....Wow, sounds not bad rite~~haha, i was once from St. John Institution...lolz, bangganya~~and of course not to forget my titiwangsa girl school which i hav my crazy memories there, hahah~~this made me think dat izzit when ppl found themselves grow older, they tend to refresh everything back n find any possible earlyhood's memories they left behind their life. Well, we dont stay long, coz all of us yawn-ing for hunger~~

Hehe, reached Pantai Remis finally~~~ermm, it was quiet actually, coz my aunt went penang, one cousin sis has outed, so left not much at home, so we actually did ntg there...

Second day early morning, depart to Taiping, which is the main destination we supposed to go.
Once i reached the doorstep, grandpa welcoming me wiv his wrinkled-eyes smiling face, so warm-hearted. This is the first time i saw him eversince he dischagred from hospital last few weeks ago after the heart operation. I heard my aunt said next year May will do again as that time the doctor cant manage to operate all the 4 arteries in one shot cause his kidneys dont really funtioning well, so he cant withstand the pressure applied during operation. Finger-crossed, he will be alright~~Then saw my grandma, she was busy cooking, hahaha~~

AND AND I SAW TWO LIL CUTIEESSS~~~~OMG, I WAS SOOO SUPRISING SEEING THEM~~TADDAAA--->>>it's two baby kittens.....awwww, they r so lovely, heart them a lott...

~the innocent look, cats r expert in dis i know.....this one very naughty ooo~ n when she's eating(ya, she is a girl), cant disturb her de oo, she will bite u or ' grwww~~~' u de ooo~~

~ya, i luv dis a lot, he is sooo cute, especially his fur....very fluffy~~~but he very very thin, unlike his sister above...he very 'yin jim' de leh(although he is not virgo), i hold the fish head in front of him he oso rejected to eat, dat's y he is skinny....n always got rampas food by his sis~~err, ignore my toes ya, haha...:p
Hehe, the next day which is the big day, opps!is my grandparents big days, haha, is birthday celebration lar, not marriage anniversary, hahahah~~~ groom myself up.err, not reli got time to make up myself as i was busying make up for my granny~~~


~the host of the day......grandma(popo), me, and grandpa(die die)...i wish them happy birthday and healthy always~~~

~mommy, me n, so red huh~~~mommy, come, we kepp fit together, next time dun follow daddy out for supper la~~~>.<
Then chit-chat, talk, eat, walk here n der....FINISH~~~so fast...=.=
Ya, going back le...not satisfied rite??like din gain anything for this trip....
Err, or to be exact, wad i gain juz some new inner-wear and a pair of new sandal for the coming CNY~~~
No seaside....Juz like wad i predicted in my previous post......yerrr~~~i wan seaside so DESPERATELY LAR~~~~

~before going back, i wanna hug them....i gonna miss them so damn lot...they two very like me de, not i brag oo, even though juz 2 days...coz i always squad there n play around wiv them, sayang them, so after few times, once they saw me, they very energetic n always follow me le.....Bye bye my lovely baby kittens....hopefully u two still will remember me the next time i back to taiping again...

Lastyly, i wish my grandparents HAPPY BIRTHDAY N HEALTHY ALWAYS ooo~~~^^










Wednesday, December 03, 2008


oh shit!oh shit!oh shit!!!!!
wad happen to my blog??
once i try to change the skin, it appears like dat, my archieve recorded gone, my 'about me' gone, my photo gone!!!!
oh!wad had happen???!!!!
sigh, now seriosuly lack of time to tackle everything out as i'm going off soon after my papa finish taking bath~~
yaya, i'm going back to hometown...
First, go to my cousin's place at pantai remis first, awwww~~miss them so much de~~
Then, go to taiping to celebrate my grandparents birthday~~^^
Errr~like kinda rush huh??!!
Think dis holiday i cant make myself go for seaside le~~~sob sob~~

i'm sick

I'm sick...whole body-ache....
mentally sick, mentally body-ache...
but how those suppose-be physically sickness will all become mentally sickness?
i was/am moody, i got no ohm to do almost everything,
i was/am numb to the things surround me,
i felt dat my body is pain all over the corner and side,
superiorly, inferiorly, anteriorly and posteriorly....
why is it so?
u will soon understand when u missing someone sooooo badly juz like i'm doing now~~

finally i do really understand the exact meaning of 想念是会呼吸的痛....
it's so abstract but yet u can feel it so real......



haiz, kenapa rasa macam tak jadi ni~~:(

Monday, December 01, 2008





Sunday, November 30, 2008










Friday, November 28, 2008




Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After waiting for soooo long, about half year, finally we manage to do a small gathering......hahaha...

~girls of the day...mei sing, me, see pey n chin chin......

~ms, siong voon n i....
After we hav our lunch, we met up wiv lai mei then went for a movie>>>>>>QUARENTINE....the movie is soooooooo damn nice wei...sooooo scary~~~~i reli shout like hell......n dis movie oso make me wanna think twice for joining CSI next time....haha....

~lai mei n i.....

~then then then, we bump into siva, our chairman for U6Sc4, chairman, monitor n treasurer all gathered together edi...i was the monitor n mei sing was the treasurer... miss those days when standing in front the class n talk to them.....

~class treasurer n monitor~~

~while waiting for the others, cam-whore first, hahaha....

~they did a small belated celebration for me....thanks to everybody........^^

~making a wish~~i hope my wish will come true.....coz i reli wish it will come true within the next 365 days....

~blow off le ooooo~~~
TADAAA~dat's all for that day, reli happy to hang out wiv them....hopefully ur next outing which we suggest go to waterfall side can on la........hahhaha.....^^