Saturday, March 29, 2008

=.=muka ten cents

too many choices isn't a gd thing though...
dunno which one to choose...
when we're being tied by promises,
decision is hardly to make...

i know tml i'll be very very sleepy n my condition wont be gd coz now already 1.05am but i'm still sitting in front of desktop instead of lying on my cosy bed, hav my dream n waiting for the day to creep on me. Life seems like too easy for me wer i no need to worry anything, juz sit der n do business, open bill, accumulate my commission n ot n wait for next month salary...but who know actually there is stress too?stress wer u always wondering y am i sitting here n do things that i nvr ever think i'll step on?i dun like business, my fren would know, perhaps...i dun like sitting at the same place for the whole day, i luv to run here n der, i luv to mix round wiv ppl...the joy n glory of victory after all of the hardwork is wad i looking for, but y am i not doing dat?my life isn't 'hard' enuf...maybe the 'contrast' is small, so i cant get the satisfaction dat i wan.

i'm not feeling contented wiv my every day job...
i'm sick of the things, rumours n problems that has emerged around me...
i'm tired of thinking every single nonsense thing...
i'm soooo sick to think about my future...
can i juz shut everything down??!!
living for me is a stress too...

damn it!stress is attacking me again.....i think i'm still a lil girl that dunno how to 'walk' properly.
or wad i demand is too high, above my ability n over my limit?
or this is wad we call life?wer everything is undefined, juz c how we define n decide it?
perhaps, i'm too sensitive wiv 'life'....a life that i'm not longing for...

whenever i need somebody, y there is nobody for me?who is somebody?anything, i juz need somebody....

but the fact is, i'm all alone all these while....can i juz dun becum soooo independent?i'm a lady plz...i've got the right n authority to depend on something n somebody....wer is the mr.right?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

outing again!!ngek ngek ngek....

First time shopping (not outing k)wiv kelly oo....met her at klcc at about 3pm then start our shopping...u know, i've been missing dis dis kind of feeling eversince i enter upper six...i used to groom myself up before going out, n i enjoy doing dis when i c my b4 n after look...however, after i start my f6, time for outing has been cutting down, n i got no mood to groom up also, seldom la....not as much as b4...after i finish my stpm, ya, i went shopping, but seldom take photo, coz i very k the impurities on my face, dat's the evidence of my hardwork for my entire f6 life, sleep 5 hours per day, stress n bla bla bla, thus causing hormonal imbalance....sigh!!!but it's worth afterall....*wink*

Well well, actually we not reli come for shopping, juz window shopping, do some survey first b4 we reli start 'shopping' hahahah!!!n we bought few things actually, kelly bought a bead necklace, i bought a 'normal' necklace n a ring, the design for the ring very special, dat's y i bought it...opps, forgot to take pic pulak, pai seh ya!!!:p

~reached klcc....i met my primary schoolmate oo, lee boon kim...but i dun think he remember me...coz i passed his working place few times, thought wanna smile at him de, but scare he misunderstood dat i'm trying to 'shot' him, juz let it be ba....

~ya, again, we went to kim gary....i remember last time that we went was after we hav our chemistry paper gang of us was wearing school uniform n lepak in klcc...dat mood was sooo diff...reli enjoy every outing wiv them de...^_^
~above is kelly's meal....steak wiv baked cheese idea if it's delicious.... chip wrapped egg rice wiv mushroom...i luv fish!!!wakakka....

~after finish our meal, we went window shopping for a while, went toilet to touch-up...then sit there n wait for nic n jeff....well well, both of us luv taking picture...hehe, dat's the result....^_^

~again kelly n i.....:p

~again, wkakaka!!!!!

~still waiting......boring neh.....
~finally, nic has reached first....he said i look diff today n i becum thinner...thinner?izzit true?hahhaha...well, cutting down fats at the right place is always a pleasant thing, juz hope that i still maintain the 'cup' shud be...well, i'm not losing weight intentionally, i weigh heavy though, 49 kg man!!!!i juz weigh dis morning while having yoga in money's place. n one more great new for me, my head stand shows sum improvement ooo!!^_^
i think the style of my outlook has changed...i remember laz time ppl used to describe me as a 'cute' girl, coz for sure i'm not pretty, plus my face very big, eyes small small, very chubby like dat, so they say i cute ba...but hor, nowadays, ppl no longer call me cute girl collegue said i'm more to wild type...kelly oso said so...erm, it's a gd thing i think, coz dat's wad i wan...i prefer a wild look rather than a girl-next-door look....hehe, gd gd, next target, sexy look!well well, gonna thoroughly cure my skin first...curing k?reli takes time to get rid the blemish, ishhh!!!!
i'm very naughty!!i'm very slow leh, when all my frens going to stop playing, i'm the only one who is only going to start playing...enjoy my life till the max!!!yeah~^_^

Friday, March 21, 2008


另一个我 提醒着我
连自己要什么 都没把握
OH 我就是太念旧
受委屈 不如说爱你爱的太久
b'coz i want u
能怎样呢? 爱你的两个我
b'coz i luv u
你有多爱我 爱过我什么
OH~我天一亮 就要离开

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Monday, March 17, 2008


Finally, we hav made our relationship very very clear. We clearly know dat we juz can walk till here, n we hav confessed to each other wad we actually wan. We only can be fren forever, but wiv some impurities inside....

Saturday, March 15, 2008


do u know, become a singer is always my there is a chance for me to start the first step, i hope i can get it...^_^

Thanks to them (kelly, jeff, chai n sean)...especially chai, u has opened the door for me, i can c light is coming in, lolz, thanks my fren....^_^

Friday, March 14, 2008


最近,发生的事情不算多。。。拿了stpm成绩,很满意,因为没预料到自己会拿到全A的(一个A, 三个A-,cgpa是3.75)。所以,这几天已回到家就是上网找大学与科系的资料,然后又忙着打电话给老师及seniors们问问‘行情’。