Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Recently, i look like this~~ (lol, juz an excuse to post my recent photo..XD)
Recently, i'm busy with thesis proposal~~
Recently, i've so many thoughts in my mind...getting myself grad, get my dream job, hopefully, n moving out from this house~~
Recently, i realize i shdnt limit myself in so many things...becoz life is short n hav fun enjoying it~~
Guess time will really change someone, n perhaps i'm not 'so' young anymore~~gosh, i miss my 18!!!>.< young is always the best asset for girl...
Recently, i love to watch love movie, i wonder why~~maybe can find so many meaningful quotes in it...quotes about love, life and everything...Sometimes life need some meaningful quotes despite a short one, to wake u up n make you realize something u hav nvr realized...


Sometimes, i hope things will get better, go all my way~~somehow, it nvr would...this imperfection perhaps have made me appreciate more what i hav now~~n thus make me realize how could the imperfection could be that beautiful~~
Out of a sudden, i realized, if things only can go this way, if~~then wad i need is more courage, to overcome all those waves which ready to wash me away~
Thank God i meet you, you are the most beautiful thing i've had in my life~~irreplaceable~~
Again, fact proved that nothing is perfect, but let our mind 'distorted' a lil to view it as perfect...
God, plz let me be stronger~~=)
#I miss you...#

simply happiness

Girl thought that sex is important for a boy, hence she gav him her virginity~~
Boy thought that brand is important for a girl, hence he gav her chanel~~
But who knows everything was just self-assumption...just because we thought it is~~
Girl would happy if u just cuddle her head, buy her chips n go silly together with her~~
And boy would happy if u make him a home-style dinner, n then lean on cosy sofa and watch movie until fall asleep~~
N not forgetting saying 'i love u' everyday~
Simply happiness~~