Thursday, December 08, 2011

~changkat moment with my ah moi~

She is my best companion, for girl talk, for shopping, for club, for bar, and a lottt~~~Till now, i found that she is still the best one who can fit me a lot, that's y we go along with each other so well and all..and ya, she is pretty!=)

My ah moi who understand me so much~~love her to bitsss=)))

The cocktail we ordered. Left: cosmopolitan ; Right: Strawberry magarita...We shared them basically, but personally favoured the strawberry magarita more. The alcohol taste isnt so strong compared to the cosmopolitan. And the cosmopolitan tasted so much like cough syrup~~=.=


Outfit of the day, bottom is navy blue skinny jeans...neway, wadever skinny jeans when they are on me, they arent skinny anymore...i shud reli put more effort in losing my weight n the fat around my hips and thigh...T.T

Last one, too bad cant see my eyes make up~~love the make up a lot today~~But seriously like nothing when it was being captured~~~=.=

Called it a day~~And it was really enjoy just sitting down there with your gf talking, drinking and looking at the crowd~~=))

P/S: i miss my kharrr~~~ XOXO ~~~

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

~hobby that i like recently~

Grooming myself nicely (during hang out~~XD) is my all time job and also favourite~~Which girl doesnt feel happy when they see a more presentable self. Of coz, outlook is not all, inner beauty does speak for you too~~

Here I share my recent hobby where i found is fun, economic, reli time-consuming (is so gd for those who dunno what to do besides facing the laptop, FB with no interesting updates), and lastly will make u feel brand new again~~=)) That is changing my nail color!!!XD

Reason being, when u wanna change new color, u need to spend time for cleaning the old color, it takes about 10 minutes, if those adhere so hard one, probably need ~13 minutes? So it equal to scrolling ur side bar for maybe 10 times in FB, or refresh for 8 times in FB when u hav ntg to do. Haha~~XD

After removing, now is turn to remove the dead skin around my nails as well since i bought the things for rm1 during promotion, n i bought 2, so wanna finish it faster. Ok, apply and rub it, takes u another 10 minutes, after that wash it n dry it.

Then start the main job, which is applying them on ur nail. First layer, second layer...2 layers are enough, as if too thick it will dry so slow and those hidden wet part might get spoilt when u carry out daily activities.And also the top coat for a glossy finish. This will take you like 30 minutes or more.

And lastly, u might spend another 8 minutes to use cotton bud to remove the stain which out from the edge of the nail~~

So totally it will takes you like almost 1 hour or more!!not bad, spending 1 hour for the things u like right? In the end, u feel happy!!=))n brand new again!ya, i easily feel contented!=)

So am now showing my collection~~neither a lot nor few...coz u know right, color things, in between this red and that red, there must be another intermediate no matter how close the shades girls will never done with shopping~~hahah~~

These are the light and pastel shade~~price was gd, none of them more than rm10, at most also rm5.90, the cheapest is rm1, bought during promotion.

These are the dark shade. Half of it was given from my friend coz after she bought it only she realized she doesnt reli like it. Price range almost the same. rm5-rm8.9 (if not mistaken)

And this is my current it sooo much!!!!!!!!=)))And the quality is gd, so smooth and relatively quick drying. And it has a lil strawberry scent, so sweet!!

Ya, now i'm happy!!=p

belated birthday post~

There is a while after i wrote the second last post, i have closed my blog for a period due to some personal reason..neway, i doubt if anyone still reading my blog b'coz i was like just update twice a year lately, not as frequent as last time already~~neway, during those bored bored days where lecture keeps on cancelling, no momentum for study n bla~~have the urge to back to my bloggie, literally means will update more frequent...maybe wanna try out something new~~haha...well, there is the 'URGE' and 'MAYBE', dun take it serious~~aww, i'm such an irresponsible blogger~~

Ok, back to the topic, my belated birthday post~~

Back to the old days when i was young, i always wish for a blast birthday celebration, u know, like throw out a party at somewhere else, invite sooo many guestssss, received sooo many pressiesss and take so many pretty photos~~However, that was once upon a time...

When i grow older, ya i'm 23, so wad~~i feel like whether there is a celebration or not, it doesnt important's just another day for me, well, perhaps i can make it a lil bit more special?=))

This year, 2011, i had a very blissful birthday~~

I remember, during lecture, my coursemate sang birthday song to me, which is nice~~haha, thanks a lot for the lovely song~~After that, i went to KLCC, make over inside a public toilet, where dunno how many rounds of queue already witnessed the transformation process. After done my make up, is time to groom myself up, well, just putting on some accessories, did a simply hair-do and change to a heel. And also waiting for someone to come~

After a while finally he reached the destination and received his phone call telling me to wait him in front of the main door. As he wants me to accompany him to the car park nearby, beside the zouk which only cost us rm5, rather than KLCC, could have cost us a bomb!! So, ok, so we met, finally!=)

After finish parking the car, the mister asked me to close my eyes, i said y? somehow i just did it. And from back seat he takes out 2 roses. I assume he didnt know the meaning behind coz when ppl gave roses to the special one, either 1, 3, maybe a bouquet or 99, 999 or something else which share the common meaning. 2, the figure is rather odd, but my heart was soften into tears becoz i nvr expected these from him~=))But he said, is my birthday, since i dont want cake, at least there must be something to make it different. And girls, can u imagine when there is a cute guy wearing something that he doesnt usually wear, find a florist, bought 2 roses without nicely packed, holding it at shopping mall n walk back to the car park?it wass so lovely~~it doesnt matter less flower or more flower, nicely packed or not, it was all enough~really!=)i was so happy already..haha!!

After that, as i made my promise, i treat him chilis...we just sat inside the restaurant for few hours. Luckily we found a nice view seat, so we just spending the wonderful time looking at the crowd outside the window, enjoying the nice meal, keeps on refilling our beverage n chat~~Blissful!=)

Fed the stomach, killed the time, we went for shopping. There is an 'Charles and Keith' newly opened in KLCC, so i went there to choose my gift from my housemate/coursemate. I bought a pair of olive green sandal with some artificial gemstone, a lil bohemia style, which is always my preference. And also went to SEPHORA, too bad ntg go home with me, tho the 'NAKED' palatte already restocked, but still after think twice i didnt buy it since i still left so many cosmetic with me, so better dun simply spend the money. After that went to my all-time favourite, WATSONS, myself a ZA liquid eyeliner since my eyeliner finish so fast as my tiny eyes required few mL each time when i do my eye make up!LOL!!!XD, few mL...okla, i bragged, haha but seriously at least 0.5 consider a lot just to make up the eyes...

Time passes really fast, after that we sat at the starbucks, sharing one glass of forgot what beverage, something with caramel, and chat, and taking photoss~~And we called it a day!=)))

Simple yet blissful right???=))   

It's me~~obviously..=.=

It's the sandal from my coursemate...Tho i'm petite, i still love to wear flat all the time~~i just knew myself is a petite after i google it. They define ppl who 160cm and below are petite~~~

Lastly, this is the gift from my lovely mei mei, soyoung, also from charles and keith...Lately so obssess with Chanel the classic bag, so choose the similar one~~love it heapsssss!!!!!!


Sunday, October 09, 2011


i shouldn't have meet u in the first place, perhaps i wouldn't know how awful a heart-breaking feeling can be~~ Suddenly everything seems so wrong~~='(

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Eat Pray Love

When i watch the movie , i was actually wondering who the hell in this earth will actually face the same prob as Liz, where she wanna step out from the marriage so desperately, wanna get rid wad she has used to in her life...For me, it was just a movie, a drama of life~~

And now, hell no i'm the one who standing on the horn of dilemma, a situation where i thought it was extremely ridiculous for me, like what's the point of being like Liz, just go on with the marriage, giv birth to a bunch of babies, stick to her career n just live! A happy family+secured career= happy ending! That's it!!N i forgot the fact that we would never feel 'full' and 'contented' about ourself, our life and bla bla bla yet we are scared of stepping out from our comfort zone~ At the end of the day , we suffered~sometimes when u hav been comfortable for so long, u'll get numb, and u no longer understand what happiness is~

And lately, finally i sort of understand the feeling of being stuck in the middle of nowhere in my life~ where 'lifeless' this vocab slowly creep into my life without seeking my permission...n now i realize, when it comes, it just comes without giving u an early notice~by the time u realized it, it is actually happening already...And u start thinking, wad i want in my life... when love, relationship, friends and family can no longer tame the desire within u~~u want something bigger than these, and u start looking, what is something bigger than all these~~freedom?

Yesterday after a long talk with someone, suddenly i hav the urge to get out from here, want to experience something i have never experienced back-packing to some other countries alone for few months, see new things, learn some new languages, taste the cuisine that i've nvr tried, devote myself to God in order to find the balance in life, or run into someone during my 'refinding myself' period n alot more~~very Eat Pray Love right? N i sort of called it as a turning point, a complicated phase when u are going to entering a new phase which makes u either a better person or sadly to say, a worse one~~=(...just like metamorphosis, just dat u might become a moth instead of a butterfly~~

Life is hard, it only comes easy when u think it is~~

Living life needs lots of courage, but changing ur direction of life needs a lot more courage, more than wad u hav expected...

God bless!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Recently, i look like this~~ (lol, juz an excuse to post my recent photo..XD)
Recently, i'm busy with thesis proposal~~
Recently, i've so many thoughts in my mind...getting myself grad, get my dream job, hopefully, n moving out from this house~~
Recently, i realize i shdnt limit myself in so many things...becoz life is short n hav fun enjoying it~~
Guess time will really change someone, n perhaps i'm not 'so' young anymore~~gosh, i miss my 18!!!>.< young is always the best asset for girl...
Recently, i love to watch love movie, i wonder why~~maybe can find so many meaningful quotes in it...quotes about love, life and everything...Sometimes life need some meaningful quotes despite a short one, to wake u up n make you realize something u hav nvr realized...


Sometimes, i hope things will get better, go all my way~~somehow, it nvr would...this imperfection perhaps have made me appreciate more what i hav now~~n thus make me realize how could the imperfection could be that beautiful~~
Out of a sudden, i realized, if things only can go this way, if~~then wad i need is more courage, to overcome all those waves which ready to wash me away~
Thank God i meet you, you are the most beautiful thing i've had in my life~~irreplaceable~~
Again, fact proved that nothing is perfect, but let our mind 'distorted' a lil to view it as perfect...
God, plz let me be stronger~~=)
#I miss you...#

simply happiness

Girl thought that sex is important for a boy, hence she gav him her virginity~~
Boy thought that brand is important for a girl, hence he gav her chanel~~
But who knows everything was just self-assumption...just because we thought it is~~
Girl would happy if u just cuddle her head, buy her chips n go silly together with her~~
And boy would happy if u make him a home-style dinner, n then lean on cosy sofa and watch movie until fall asleep~~
N not forgetting saying 'i love u' everyday~
Simply happiness~~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good and loyalty

Sweetest thing of the day:

Promise me u'll always be gd n loyal like this, this could be an element for me to marry u in the future~~if we were fated, no matter how far i go, i will come back to you~~

*i was pretty shocked when i hear this...well, am happy no doubt~~=)


I remember my fren once asked me before, what's the point of being so gd n loyal to ur bf and in the end he broke all the promises, break ur heart n the worst is, he fooled u again n again eventhough u two hav broken up.....

Well, now i know the answer: be gd n loyal is not for ur bf, but for urself....make urself worthy to be loved by someone who is a good guy in return~~

My bf might dump me one day tho he will sweet talk sometimes, make promises n so on like other bf will do....n if happen one day yr bf really dump u, nvr asked urself y that time being so gd n loyal...becoz, it proves that the man doesnt worth ur love at all...n gd girl always deserve a better man~~=))

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i'm sorry if i hurt u...
but do u know that u hurt me the same way too 3 years back?
n i din say a word on it...
but after years n years, repeating occurance,
i think i hav made clear something...
that no matter what had happened,
the only person who can help,
is myself...
what has been done cant be undone,
what is fact indeed a fact...
a broken heart even it heal,
still there is a scar...
i'm sorry if i hurt u...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marry or Not?

As a woman, for sure we hav come through meeting some other womans who is still single even at their age of 50. It could be 2 reasons, either u seriously enjoy single life, everynight go club go bar (50 still can go young ppl places ok...=.=), or u couldnt find the right guy to marry~

As for me, after i've seen them, the bunch of unattached, no matter how happy they look, somehow i still feel like it's kinda lonesome when the moment u back to ur apartment, there is no hubby n no kids warm welcoming u back...Thus, i told myself, i wanna get myself married before 30. Well, is juz part of my plan, whether i'll get marry or remained single, is still an unknown n somehow a lil depends on fate u know~

Ok, let assume u get to marry. But, woman has to really choose the right one before u step into marriage life, make a vow n commit to someone who u will spend the rest of ur life with~

Or else, the rest of ur life will become like this........

Being a mad frustrating woman complain on wadever things on ur marriage, u even will think that regreting marry this guy...I bet every woman dun wish this to happen, who wanna make their life a misery right? Believe it or not, my mom told me after married, husband n wife will only argue on these thingss....MONEY, KIDS, ATTITUDE N WOMAN~~that's all....n if u get the wrong guy, muahahhaha, welcome to the miserable marriage life....

If u ask me, what criteria(s) should a man possesses to make yourself safe to marry him?

I would answer u this...

1. The man must love his family

It is obvious if a man cannot love his family when he is young, he wouldnt love his future family when he become a husband and a daddy, and ur family...well, of course he should also know how to balance the love in between..So, for me this is the most important element when u want to marry a guy, see how he interacts with his family...

2. The man must be a cute man

Dun fall for a handsome man, fall for a cute man instead.. Handsome man wont made ur day but a cute man will. Imagine that u gonna spend ur life with him for the rest of ur life, 'handsome-ness' will fade, but cute-ness is something inner and can be last. If ur man is not cute enough, then i guess ur life would be kinda bored... u know, like sometimes u two will fight like kids, crack some lame jokes which can make u laugh for the whole day, and sometimes giv u lil surprises, maybe a sudden kiss or a sudden hug...For me, when i'm cooking, n my cute bf hugging me from behind and say :'thanks honey', it is sweet enough indeed...=)

3. The man must can do housechore, maybe not all but at least some to help out

Man who doesnt help out a woman do housechore when they r still couple, do u think they will bother to help u to change a fius or a bulb after u marry him?

4. The man can cook...(actually this is bonus la~~~haha...)

Whether he can cook u very simple meal like fried egg, sausage n toast with butter like this....

or make u some sweet-into-heart dessert like this or some nice nice cuisine which can compared with restaurant outside....

muaahahahha, u r the lucky one girl~~=))Dont u girl think a guy who can cook is soooooooo attractive??Imagine ur bf in an apron washing vege, cutting meat n bla bla bla~~=))

5. The man will buy u gift sometimes

I heard woman says that i would be happier if a received a bouquet during normal day than valentines or anniversary...maybe no need a bouquet, but a flower with some sweet notes can enlighten ur gf or honey's day...Guys out there, trust me, the real girl of u wont demand u to buy so expensive stuff, they will help u to save also...but they also want some lil gift surprise when u two are together...Like when she is having exam, buy her boxes of candy and snacks; when she is sick, buy her watermelon, or something when u shop n u feel is suitable for her...

For me, if the man is still has no career n cannot give u luxury life, but if he loves u enough, he will try his best to giv u things that he could 'afford' (not necessary expensive stuff, it could be a 'romance'..=))), at least for now when u two still together...

'I'm tired', 'I'm out of money', 'I have no time' cannot always be the excuses~~

If ur man can do this, grab him tightly, and a happy marriage could be urs...=))

if NOT, think twice before u enter the stage of marriage....

Welll, super important here, to get a great guys like this, of course u as a girl, should be nice and worth enough to let him do so~~=))

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The story begins like this....

A very random night, a boy n a girl met, and believe it or not, pheromone has makes them attracts to each other so much and finally, ya, they fell in love, deeply... And shall i end this story with, 'they live together happily ever after' just like what disney fairy-tale ever told us n somehow poisoned our mind that white prince will eventually appear in our life?

Well, ya, it could be possible the story can be ended with 'living together happily ever after'..But who knows behind this sentence, it actually takes the couple how long and how hard to reach this stage~

In a relationship, firstly of course honey-moon period becomes the dominant. After a while, perhaps a 3 months to half year, stability or comfort period will take place where couples are so much used to each other n being so true-self to each other until ur so tak boleh tengok punya pattern (eg., farting, muahahhaha~~XD..ok, tell me who dun just depends if u can make it into silent mode or vibration or wadever) also come out. Well, this is gd if ur other half can accept the whole you (actually it depends on the degree of tolerance ur partner has, if the degree is wide then congrats, otherwise pile of complaints and nagging will be heard from ur loved ones). Sooner or later, arguements take place due to the increasing of involvement in each other life. This is kinda true when something or wiv someone u get so close with, the occurance of friction increase, and gradually unstatisfaction appears n BOOM, the ever first arguement occur~~

Somehow couple could survive the very first one, but not guarantee with the subsequents one~And there is the critical period to determine if the relationship can be kept going~~YA!!accept the truth that things only has YES, or NO~either u make it or u couldnt. Of coz in this case is for couple who make it, if cant make it then BYE BYE end of the story.

If couple could survive after so much arguements, eventually a compromise will be produced after the pattern. For example, BIG arguement, then one side will keep quiet (NOT a cold war), if ur other half is rational enough, he/she will calm down, if he/she is not then sorry for ur ears to endure those bullshitss~and when both side are totally calm down, then only talk about it and solve is even better if a solution could be sort-out and compromises reached. And believe it or not, this will appear to be a cycle...just like domestic violence...Who is strong enough to make through this cycle, then marriage could be ur choice...*A happy marriage is always a 2-way efforts.

There is one period in between where after going through the whole cycle, u will realize he is actually that man/girl who is the one u can be together with, living together, treasure life together, u know...and holding hands together till both of u go to consult dentist and get falsies together, and u always n perhaps love him more n more, n then--------U STARTED TO SCARE THAT YOU WILL LOSE HIM~~~This doesnt sounds good coz as a human beings we should accept the fact that no matter what happend, in the end, we will lose the someone. We couldnt find the ETERNITY physically but yet ETERNITY EMOTIONALLY is somehow hard to be seen. Human is greedy, we want something lasting physically where u can touch it, see it, hear it, taste it, smell it..Senses, are sin~~(at least for a pure buddha, it is!)That's the reasons making human beings demand for more and forget that actually without any of them, we still can survive, with all the fundamental things that already given by The Almighty. Due to the greed, u want something forever which u can actually see it with ur eyes but not heart. That's y u afraid of losing him~

Once in a blue moon, this question pop out in my mind. Can i afford to lose him?at least for now~~ (plz dun compare ur bf with ur family, coz ur family is always the first and no one can afford the pain of losing any of ur family member...If a bf is gd enough, then he will become ur family~=))
Ok, back to the questions~ANS: i realize i scared that i will lose him~ It's been really a while i never look into his eyes, and few days back, out of very random i look into his eyes again n i c something, undescribable, which makes me think that : 'what if i lose this man i love one day?'..and i no where...

Perhaps instead of afraid of something which is an unknown, i should spend more time n more effort to love him...Coz it's never been easy to find someone like the one who is right beside u holding ur hands now~ If one day happen that i lose him, i should tell myself, no sad, no regreting n all, coz at least we have the ETERNITY before when we look into each other eyes, thoroughlly... that is where u feel love, the way into his heart...

n yes i love my bf~

Isnt it lovely?

We kiss we love n occasionally we fight crazily like kids when we r young where both of us still energetic and capable of doing so much crazy things...and when both of us grow older, maybe couldnt be as crazy as before, but i believe a state of equilibrium has reached where we learn how to love in a way with a better give and take~~

And this is all about love and also life, give and take...Never afraid of losing someone u love when u two have been in love before, at least there is something happened in your life which carved a nice memory in ur heart which is unremovable~~=))