Thursday, July 31, 2008

i'm tired....T.T

I'm tired, i'm under stress, i'm exhausted...

Travelling is tiring.....everyday hav to take a kinda long double journey,'s exhausting...i'm sick of that!

Assignments n tutorials r coming in....keeps on going.....n the IO, seriously make us very very tired...

This morning i seriously almost lose my control, i scare my tears juz drop out of my control....i cursed in the cafe like siao po, i was angry wiv every single stupid things!!!i got no time to read all the notes given out, i got no time to flip my text bk, i got no time to do my assignment which the due date is getting nearer n nearer. every night r engaged wiv college's activities n some other things which r not related to me i would like to say. we dun even hav the time to take bath n hav our dinner but hav to attend the activities right after we got down from the bus after back from bangi!!!dun ask me y i got the time to blog, because i reli need to find a way out!!i muz released it!!!i cant keep it in heart!!!i'll go insane!!!!

Things dont seem like go as smooth as i wish....i'm stressful....T.T

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Juz now daddy n mommy came over to my college n pass me the documents i wan...n i hav asked daddy buy a bottle of vit.c supplement for me as i felt that i'm going to fall sick edi...well, he brought more than dat... bread, 100 plus isotonic drinks n some panadols, juz in case i hav a severe headache later....i appreciate a lot, thanks daddy mommy^^

Sigh, i miss my mommy's dishes....i miss 'siu mai', i miss tv, i miss my brothers, i miss every single thing that i nvr missed b4......

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

dat's how i look when i'm serious studying~

~me, wiv specky look, n my winnie the pooh pyjamas....hahhahaha!!!:p

~due to the 'speed' that lectures show to us, (the organic chem. lecturer drift can?oh gosh!!!!)i gonna google the notes that i hav missed out on the internet, juz like self-study...sigh, then wad's the points i go for lecture class??
~well, quite hectic dis week....i hav rejected all the job offer that jess offered me for two weeks...the salary is very high, one hour at least got 20-30 bucks de...i hav to drop that somehow due to the class replacement n my evening classes...n i hav calculated, i 'witness' rm680 juz fly away like dat, n i oni gotta work for 32 hours!!!!!how sad was dat!!!!maybe, i'm destinied not to hav extra money for the time being....sigh....
~so, hopefully the proverb is true, it goes like dis:"sai weng shi ma, yan zhi fei fu", sorry, counldt type mandarin here...the meaning something like u missed out something, but there is better things come to a nutshell, is something to do wiv 'give' n take'....GOD is fair rite?
~k, go back to my in-or. tutorial, then quiz for physiology tml!!!!man, i'm juz so sleepy now....

Monday, July 21, 2008


urgh!!!!!!!!i'm going to fail my organic chem!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008






2nd week of uni life~~~

Well, 2nd week slightly better than 1st week, juz slightly....still missed some classes though...but we did go for lecture relatively more than last week.....

Now the problem that keeps on spinning round my head is the financial problem....coz buy uni text books seriously need lots of money, they r juz very costly to, all those text book might oni use for one x worth i hav called up my former chem teacher n some seniors to do some research...conclusion, search in library n photocopy it....well, that's another problem for me too....the books i wan most probably oni can get in bangi campus, ya, i do back to bangi everyday, but we wouldnt stay there for so long, after lecture class finish, we'll back within half an hour when the bus has arrived.if i wanna stay, i gotta discuss wiv my course rep. n i'll make others stay wiv me too...

u guys know wad, forensics student all r so blur as we always travel here n der, not reli updated as fast as others who study in kl campus one...sigh, we still haven go for the library kursus yet........gosh!!!!y we so slowwwww~~~~~~how to study properly leh??!!!dis one seriously make me sooooooo frussssss lo!!!!!!!!!

Well, i still some gd news i found dat my eng, anatomy, n physiology's lecturer very interesting lo.....

Eng>>it's fun when there is open discussion..i luv it a lot...

Anatomy>>Dr.K.O is a very gd lecture i would like to say...the very first time i attend his lecture, oni i found dat i'm like a forensic student, where he transform his own experience in forensics field to the content of the lesson, make it more fun n interesting....i cant c anyone is holding pen to jot down wad's on the screen, but listen very carefully like we'll miss the climax whenever our mind flew away.... others like inorganic chem, organic chem n biochem still make me feel like i'm in form 6....

Physiology>>err, dis one i oni think is interesting whenever Dr.Linda show us all the post-mortem pic...haha....ya, it's very geli, no doubt...but it's intersting n suitable word...lolz...

For the time being, i juz hope that the management of forensics dis course will get improve, if not we as a student can be very suffer as we got no time to study due to the travelling...n plz dun postpone class again, now we hav to replace all the classes on saturday le.....

wish that everything will go it dat way, as smooth as possible...^^

Saturday, July 12, 2008

~BON ODORI 2008~

Thought wanna hav a reli gd rest at home for two days after got back from college, somehow, the first day i reached home, i edi went out wiv nick till early in the morning....lolz....dat day was friday nite, after i settle my ptptn loan stuff it's already 10.30pm++, then i go for a movie wiv nick at ts, watching 12.40pm JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE's a gd movie overall...quite interesting.....of coz b4 dat we spent our time pooling.....2 rounds of pool, n met sean for few minutes...^^

Reached home at 2am day morning, suddenly decided to attend to the BON ODORI which held in shah alam, panasonic stadium....i heard lots of johannians r going too....BUT, in the end i end up dancing, cam-whore n sitting der wiv nick, cat n arif...i did meet some of i met danson, shen hoong n some who i dunno, n i dun think they know me either...lolz....pai seh...:p

It took me about one hour to travel from sentul ktm to shah alam ktm....kinda a long journey....
I hav spent the one hour revising my pysiology note that Dr.Linda gav out dat day....well, till today still haven finish though....n later i gonna rush back to college before practise the dance for the judgement night...urgh!!!!!!

~inside the shuttle bus, heading to the stadium....OKAY, READY READERS?LET'S GO~~~~

~Well, the sky view is nice...^^

~the crowd start increasing, the atmosphere start boiling up....

~me n cat....we r so damn hungry....were there to hunt for our meal...lolz, not MALE okay...:p

~so many ppl....gotta que up~~~~

~OMG, when oni our turn to get our fooodddd~~~~~

~i'm starving!!!!finally, CY : itadakimase......yummy, so delicious oo......^^haha, i shud say: oyishi~~~~
~so many ppl hor....chinese, malay, indian not reli, n japanese of coz.....^^

~the crowd is doing the japanese cultural dance enjoy~~~

~another suprise, i met wiv my lovely pet sis, tze happy seeing her....miss her a lot de, muackss~^^
cam-whore session start, lolz...pardon me~~

~cat n strong girl...^^

~tze ying n luck in ur future undertakings ya sis...^^

~errrr, perasan for a while dat nite..lolz....*bluek*

~aww, i luv dis the n sista~~~


~another perasan.....perhaps i shud say another 'randomly'?lolz....mind me~~

~okla, i admit, anotehr perasan one....hohohoohoh~~~

~sendiri tahu siapa kacau-kacau di belakang.....:p

~me n a japanese girl....she is sooooo KAWAAI NEEE~~~~~

~me, tze ying sis n nick, all in black, all ex from titiwangsa school....err, titiwangsa girl school, to be exact...lolz, sorry nick....i know u're not girl, obviously....:p

~sista gonna leave le....another pic before we seperate again....^^

~me n cat......before leaving the stadium....
~arif (new board committee), the vice president of japanese language society, took over from me(old board committee)....well, the ex.vice-president's jap language is sux....abandoned for long time edi....pai seh ya~
~eng chah n junior in school n japanese language society.....err, honestly, i still confuse wiv our exact club name....A)JAPANESE LANGUAGE SOCIETY B)JAPANESE CULTURAL CLUB
no reward for answering it correctly ya, lolz....

~me n a japanese girl....err forgot her name those, something like ide or ida...lolz, juz forget about it....:p...she's cute though~
~me n danson, met before leaving....^^
~cat n i, inside the train....well, i reached home about tired...
N thought can hav a reli nice cum my phone rang in the middle of the nite...dat time was around 1am edi....then i cook phone porrodge again until 3.30am!!!!y i did it again....urgh!!!gonna debt back my sleeping hours edi...sob sob~~~~
okok, enough crapping here, gonna prepare n back to hostel le.........tada everyone!!miss ya~~~

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


FIU~~~finally, able to get connected wiv internet in my hostel using wireless....the signal is sooo low over here, unable to sign in msn, juz can do normal surfing, luckily still able to blog...if not, orz~~~

Hehe, dat's some pic i hav taken the day b4 i went to bangi for orientation n during the orientation...stay tune~~^^

~me at steven corner, setapak....dat time around 2am le, i was yam-cha-ing wiv frens instead of sleeping since the next day i gonna go bangi edi....

~so lame.....hehe, actually dat time juz finish playing pool wiv frens~~kekekke.....:p
The next day, was the day i depart to bangi n stay there for one week...kinda sad coz the one who sending me der isnt my family but my frens instead...
I carry all my luggage to my hostel all alone...n my arm has pain for two days....
Orientation isnt fun at first......SUFFER!!!juz like wad i hav mentioned in my previous post..
i need sufficient sleep~~~
here's the activities go besides kuliah n taklimat all the time in our DECTAR.

~sports day...hui yong, me, lay ying n jing yi~

~me, during the power walk, i din join either...haha, coz quite a number of us engaged wiv something dat moment, so we were skipped for when there is some time...hahaha^^

~dis is the angkawasan Malaysia, Dr. Muszaphar, dunno whether i spell it correctly or not...he was ukm graduated as well, so proud to becum his junior...

~he is handsome, he looks strong wiv his muscular body, he is tall........conclusion, HE IS HANDSOME, ABSOLUTELY MY CUP OF TEA....u guys know wad my fren told me:"CHEAU YING GO!!MALAYS CAN POLYGAMY, ADD OIL YA~~~", orz~~~~but seriously i quite fall for him....lolz....

~Hui Li, Lay ying n i.....they r from Teluk Intan, perak....3 of us are perakians~~~hehehe.....^^

~mee yen n i, my room mate...she is sleeping now, shhhh~~~:p......glad to know her~~~

~my last day at bangi, lying on the bed....i dunno if i will miss dis place or not...

~back to KL campus finally....all the year 1 student were having dinner wiv the principal n all the felo-felo n,lay ying, yik mooi n mee yen~^^our second last day of orientation..

~hui li, hui yong, me n lay ying....hui li is taking bio-medic, the other 3 wiv me inclusive r all taking forensic science...yaya, we r coursemate...^^

~All the PC(pengatur cara) were having fun on the stage.kinda miss them though...thanks for their torturing as well as leading all these while~^^

~me n lay ying....last day of orientation.....after the amazing race~~~^^

~ee lene n i, she was my LDK PC...i was in LDK 40......she's pretty rite...^^

~members of LDK 40 wiv ee lene sis........^^
Dat's all.......thanks for ur patient view till the end...^^
Well, another sad thing is, i got my time table today, u guys know wad?I hav to travel bangi-kl EVERYDAY juz for my chemistry...MON--FRI~~~wow, it's tiring...wad about my second year, will there be any bus to send me there n fetch me back to kl??sob sob, scary once i think about to travel everyday ooo???!!
kkk, GTG le...tml gonna wake up 6am, then 7am gotta wait for bus, 8am will start my lesson--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF THE BODY...then>>THE STUDY OF BODY FUNCTION>>BASIC ORGANIC CHEM>>CELL STRUCTURE N GENETIC CONTROL n lastly back to bangi for ORGANIC CHEM....well well well, i know tml would be another hectic day for me......
Gd nite readers~~~~sleep tight....^^

Monday, July 07, 2008

let go~

'MET' u in someone's blog....
dis time reli reli reli can let go....
i'm serious.....
i'm glad that i can let go....


heloooooooooo everybody, finally i'm back n got the time to on9....

Well, so sad dat coz i forgot to bring my cable back, so unable to upload all the photos that i hav taken during my orientation's ok, i'll become the narrator...^^

First week was the orientation....IT'S SOOO SUFFER I TELL U GUYS!!For a PIG like me, can u imagine dat i oni sleep 2-max.3 hours per day, the least was 1.5 hours...for one week, man, i'm sooooo exhausted, it's a form of torturing ok?!i seriously cant stand wiv it if it still go on like dis. luckily juz one week, n dat's y once i enter the hall for taklimat, i always sleep..:p..then everytime hav to rush for bus as the school coumpound is so big, student is a lot, so hav to rebut, aha, dis is gd, the fd quite nice actually...

The room, not bad....n i knew a room mate, she's from kepong, doing speech therapy..luckily our 'norma kehidupan' quite alike, so we able mix well n liv well together soon....

The course..haha, dis one definitely i would like to say, IS VERY INTERESTING....lots of chemistry coz after graduate, student of forensics will diiktiraf of IKM (Institut Kimia Negara), first year more on lecture n assesement, second year more on practical edi, 3rd year can go to bomba, PDRM, Kastam, cyber security, ikm n etc for kursus...sounds cool rite??wow...hahha..nvr regret^^

Spent a lot lately, buy toiletries, stationary, then the labcoat, text bk.reli pk....well, haven buy text bk yet, after bought, i think i'm officially declared 'bankrapsi'.....

In a nutshell, i enjoy my uni life, i knews quite a number of nice frens like mee yen, lay ying, hui yung, hui li n etc....n i luv my course A LOT!!!!^^

N i wanna thanks to all the PC for the guiding n take a very gd care of each of us...even though sometimes they all scolded us like very teruk, but i know coz they r stress too, they might sleep lesser than reli sorry n thanks...^^