Friday, October 31, 2008


下个星期大考了,一整个study week下来都不懂是不是很effective的读书。但在mcd的那几天是真的有收获的,幸好。。。

Monday, October 27, 2008

specially dedicate to cch~


i know u r reading it...

Juz read thru ur blog...feeling like wan to talk to u but too bad u arent on9 at that moment, so i decided to write it here....

I cant describe the feeling when i go thru ur blog...
We might meeting the same situation sometimes where our parents keeps on asking us study hard but dun play hard...
I do met the same situation wiv u.

I remember when i wanna go out, my mom told me:"dun always out la, i nvr c 'da4 xue2 sheng1' outing like u de lo, how u study??"So everytime when i got my result i wont tell them. I know if i score badly(even not becoz i lack of study or wad), they will blamed me for outing too much.

I remember when that time i wanna learn yoga, my mom scolded me.I cried....i cried not because of she dunwan let me learn. I cried is because i no longer a child, y cant she juz giv me a lil bit more freedom, freedom to make decision myself?I end up argue wiv her n i still learn it.

I always think dat their thinking is very old fashion. They build their dream on our life which i think is rather unfair to us. N their mindset is weird, i found dat. They always think dat becuming doctor, pharmacist, dentistry oni got gd future and can earn a lot of money, but they nvr think that we might not like it. Then they started brain-wash us since we are small. do u know, when the thing no longer thing dat we passionate about, we do it for ntg, we might juz do for money, but not fullfill our dream.

I'm not asking u to quit or giv up anything right now. I juz wana let u know, if becuming doctor is ur dream since small, then keeps on moving till the end. Walk on the right track, hold ur initial intention but not let the reality change it. If u found it's hard, simplified it. Things wont be tough anymore if u found the key way. Juz time make it a problem.....time will make clear everything...

I dunno if dis piece of writing can light up ur bulb, but i do hope it will....becoz everytime i met u in reality, u doesnt look like the boy in ur bloggie~~cheer up k my dear??


Sunday, October 26, 2008


一个小时的通话,真的学了很多,也让我更了解现代舞。(contemporary dance)

第一,scoop, 你要知道你的范围是在哪里?跟主题有联系吗?主题要表达的是不是你所想的。

第二,mode and mood,你要传达给观众的感觉是什么?浪漫的?悲伤的?轰轰烈烈的?

第三, style,你要运用的舞种是什么?modern jazz ?hip hop? contemp? and etc... 当然还有音乐。音乐有你所要求的feel吗?那个音乐能否与你编的舞互相配合,把那个感觉直接投射给观众?

第四,movement, solo, duet还是群舞?老师教了我一个创造新movement的方法,我觉得用在contemp很有效。凭空想像一个东西或形状,用你的身体画出来,由一个点延伸到一条线,譬如从手开始那个点,让身体,脚,及身体的每一个部位延伸开来,这样就能创造独一无二的movement了。





3。我选择了contemp。中间也许会穿插一点modern jazz的元素进去。而音乐方面,我选择了我部落格的‘关灯’。不过还是在寻觅着更具说服力的音乐。readers有更好的建议可以跟我分享噢!

4。哈哈,动作有一点点概念了。主要会是partner ring和群舞。十四位舞蹈员,听起来好像有少少难handle的感觉。但God bless.....Believe in myself, i can do it....希望舞蹈员们能给予合作。


wad a day~~~

Today juz so unlucky for three of us~~~~

Story goes like dis....

Me, chi ling n cindy outing today....

Drove to>>>look for parking, well, we round n round n round for sooooooo long, still unable to find any...

But But, finally 3 of us spot one site u know, walau, super happy, the feeling....then we wan to turn left n make a way to right(if din get dis it's ok, this is not the main point), then BANG!!!!!
Cindy bang her bro's honda jazz into a kelisa.....well, obviously is our fault coz we din c carefully....
Ok, next step, go down n discuss...but end up chi ling n cindy argue wiv them due to the price they offer us is too high for her kelisa, the damage juz soooooooo minor u know. I got photo, but i think no point post it up lo, coz u wont c anything lo, i guarantee u will say:"wad's wrong wiv the car, normal wad."(well, was trying to post, but line over here sux, cant post, sorry readers~~~>.<)whereas, i was calling jeff to ask him about dat as he knew dis better than me, how cum he involved in accident oso, wad a coincidence.....well, pity cindy coz she bear the ganti rugi all alone,well, she only pay the car owner fifty, coz the damage doesnt cost 200 bucks lo, which they offered, it's a kelisa wei~~~~n when we going home dat time only we realize the place of the car where she bang oso damage.....

Ok, then we shop shop shop.......GO HOME~~

well, another story comes again....
It's our fault oso.....
my fren cross double line, then the police car was after us with their siren....then we os:"shit la shit la, kena again!!!!!!". Ok, we stop by the roadside and talk to them....
He asked us to got down from the car n open bonnet oooo~~~walau, scare we sell drug meh??
of coz we din got down......
Then the police start checking my fren's ic~~~
fiu, climax is here...her license was expired......=.=
dua kesalahan, cost the saman becum rm600 instead of the initial one rm300.....
Haha, well, we r trendy ppl, so we did follow the trend....
Well, i guess u guys shud know wad happen after that...
i think dis one no need giv hints oso very obvious edi....

After that we got home safely......*lame*
sigh, wad's wrong today, juz always got into trouble wiv road accident n traffic~~~~

Wad a day~~~~*sweat*

Saturday, October 25, 2008


NEVERLAND让我想到PETER PAN的故事,想到一个让人长不大的地方。。。


~刘家荣 与 李勇昌 作品~

22/11/2008-11am, 3pm, 8pm
23/11/2008-11am, 3pm

地点:Annexe Gallery (Central Market)
*putra lrt-pasar seni station
*star lrt-masjid jamek station
*ktm-kuala lumpur station


012-3256529 EVE
012-6420226 EMIKO



Friday, October 24, 2008



刚刚,一起跳舞的朋友说我被选为CBC course night舞蹈组的组长。我har了一声说,真的吗?学舞跳舞我会,但编舞我真的没有头绪叻。我的level都还不到编舞的阶段。怎么办?!


任何人有any idea吗?我真的很需要‘灵感’。。。。。

Thursday, October 23, 2008


记得之前的post说过,我要发奋图强读个 first class honour出来
但, no no no,现在想都不敢想。。。

#When you asked for strength, and God gave you problems to solve,
When you asked for prosperity, and God gave you brain and brawn to work,
When you asked for courage, and God gave you danger to overcome,
When you asked for love, and God gave you troubled people to help,
When you asked for favours, and God gave you oppurtunities,
So, you receive nothing you wanted, but you received everything you needed.
Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on,
Everyone needs a friends to rely on,
When the whole world's gone, you won't be alone,
Because I'll be there....#

The meanigful piece above was found in a brochure that was lying on my doorstep yesterday night...i remember that time i was revising my biochem for my mid-sem test which i was having juz now...n well, i think i mostly screwed up the paper again, YA, AGAIN~~well, not that sad edi coz i hav opened up my mind...i remember my fren told me before, try not to expect too high, juz enjoy our uni life besides study.....

After entering uni, i do lost something, but of coz i gain something on the other hand....dun said wad i've lost coz they wont be back anymore, the important is wad i've gained....i've got the chance to do somethings which i really like-- dancing and singing...dat's wad i wanted to highlight the most...others i think juz so so....

Well, life is always up n down, down n up....n i think dat my life now is kinda 'down'....maybe i'm still not used to the system which government applied to every local public uni?or maybe the course i chose is no doubt tougher than others??well, not to blame anyone or anythings, juz if everything can be smoother than now n b4, i would appreciate it...

another meaningful phrase i found somewhere : "People are like teabags, we have to put them into hot water before we can know how strong they are..."

Monday, October 20, 2008


zhi qian compromised de shi qing, wo men ying gai mei ban fa wan cheng le....
qi shi, wo ying gai kai xin de.....
qiao ying, yao +u o...^^

Sunday, October 19, 2008

this time is real~~~~

PT总算过了,我也因为筹备CAC night的演出将这件事搁着。。。


haha, 其实还作了一个决定。。。但暂时不要先公布。下个星期五去做了screening,看那里的人怎样决定,我再来公布。。。先吊着你们的胃口~~:p

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today, i'll be having my uni cac night at my primary school...Ya, is my primary, u're right....wad a seems like fate that i wont go thing though~~^^

When i firstly reached there, i only saw han ying senior, so i decided to walk around my ex-school compound....the feel is nice u know...where everything seems so strange yet so true to u...that was my past....i realize my school isnt big though...y?coz i hav grown up....body size bigger, of coz i felt that school compound becum smaller relatively....

~the corridor where everyday sure will pass by...a road to the canteen....hahha~~~

~a place where everybody hav assembly early in the morning~~~
Finally, all the singers n dancers have come~~~~

~me n chui wen....knew her thru dis singing comp, she is reli a gd singer..she has a very sweet voice...^^

~li yang n i~~~~this fella is very very active in everything....haha, gd to know u~~~^^
when i organize the photo only i know i forgot to take photo wiv another finalist, daniel.....aiyak~~~

~me n liang chuan of the judges~~

~another judges~~~

~chui wen n i, congrats for getting champion for the singing comp...salute....^^

~jia ying sis....thanks for pulling me into the singing comp...if that night u din come out from squasy room, i guess we wont hav an informal audition in kt cafe, n i wouldnt in the final...thanks for the chance u gav's a nice experience...n of coz nice to meet u, n thanks of always take gd care of us^^ u can sing very gd oso...^^
Well, tonight, chui wen has become the winner for the singing comp...n li yang has become the male champion.....reli enjoy singing wiv u guys, eventhough we only practise for one week, but i hope that our friendship wouldnt stop like dat n our passion for singing will continue burning...
N i'm sorry for making my frens (especially my coursemate) disappointed for not becoming the winner...actually i'm not sad at all, coz i hav win myself^^....tonight is the first time where i reli sing out wiv my heart n soul, i din shake anymore, i juz follow my feeling n sing out's a nice experience...finally, i did it..i hav done the thing where i always failed to do in st.john... non-stop shaking, hahha....

~well well, dis is the custom tonight...due to the song i chose, i hav to go ROCK~~~~i varnish my nail in black....i wear white wiv black tie....oh man, i'm so 'HANDSOME' tonight....haha, lolz, sorry for being so ss ya~~~mind me...:pbut i reli, seriously luv the style, i nvr thought 'rock' style would suit me any~~~well, the outcome is gd, i would like to say...hahahha....

~tadaaa~~~~~before remove everything...let me take some photo first...hehehhe....

well, there is lots more in my friendster, i'm lazy to uplaod one by one...very sleepy edi...lolz....sorry ya readers...if u interested wiv the photos i hav taken, plz kindly visit my friendster...lolz, sounds commercial pulak....hahha....
Well, well, enjoy reading...^^nite nite everyone, muackieess~~

Thursday, October 16, 2008


After finish the Pesta Tanglung stage performance, i juz rest for one day ba i think.... then start bz wiv my singing comp which is on dis cuming saturday.....

the song i hav chosen is 女爵from杨乃文.the song is very rock....haha, there is some reason i choose this song...

first of all, i love this song so damn lot, no doubt. We muz love something at first only we can do it the best....

Secondly, i wanna choose a different genre from the other competitors...there are only 4 finalists...2 boys n 2 girls....the other girl her voice is very sweet, so definitely soft songs r out of my list as my voice not soft enough to touch audiences' and judges' heart.....

Thirdly, the feeling of this song kinda i manage to direct my feeling to the audience straightly.....

Of coz there is several challenges oso..this song need lots of stamina which i'm still lack of it, well, i'm improving.....n dis song need a very powerful vocal.....well, dis one i'm oso improving...

Haha, well, hope dat sat night i can sing wiv my heart n soul....treat it as 'performance' rather than a 'competition'.....rock that stage that night k?melody!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008






嘉荣老师:从audition开始很多peserta,但能坚持走到最后的peserta,有没有后悔参加这次的Pesta Tanglung,只有你们自己知道…#



凤明老师:你是骂我们骂到最多的老师,每次跳完后看到你瞪人的眼神,我就知道我们又要被骂了…但还好你的脾气来得快,去得也快,所以其实还好, 哈哈!真的很想知道我们昨天的萤火虫,还会有‘隔夜菜’的感觉吗?


国大第29届中秋晚会,舞台表演,圆满结束...keep the spirit burning~~~


Friday, October 03, 2008

hw 2 make my mind calm?

How come my stress-point can be such low?

hardly to be motivated by anyone right now.....

refresh back, how i manage to survive during my f6 life?

but y now i couldnt make it?


running low in battery....where is the source for me to recharge?

ms said, others said uni life is easier sure hav their reason, juz i haven find the key way...

but i hav lost my direction now, the world is endless end for me....

where to start?



Thursday, October 02, 2008



真的,思绪在我的脑海里就像海一样波动着,根本没有一刻是平静下来的。醒了都不觉得自己睡过。。。科学证实了we dream to forget。这几个礼拜,我真的碰到形形色色的梦,但我似乎还忘不了那些不愉快的事情。。。然后就拼命寻找寄托,真的是寄托也好,安慰自己也好,就是希望有样东西在后面支撑着我。第二次觉得自己失去了方向。。。




holiday's finishing fast.....
well, doesnt feel like holiday though....