Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good and loyalty

Sweetest thing of the day:

Promise me u'll always be gd n loyal like this, this could be an element for me to marry u in the future~~if we were fated, no matter how far i go, i will come back to you~~

*i was pretty shocked when i hear this...well, am happy no doubt~~=)


I remember my fren once asked me before, what's the point of being so gd n loyal to ur bf and in the end he broke all the promises, break ur heart n the worst is, he fooled u again n again eventhough u two hav broken up.....

Well, now i know the answer: be gd n loyal is not for ur bf, but for urself....make urself worthy to be loved by someone who is a good guy in return~~

My bf might dump me one day tho he will sweet talk sometimes, make promises n so on like other bf will do....n if happen one day yr bf really dump u, nvr asked urself y that time being so gd n loyal...becoz, it proves that the man doesnt worth ur love at all...n gd girl always deserve a better man~~=))

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KikoChan said...

good point..i like it...^^