Sunday, May 27, 2012

Once in a blue moon

Suddenly have the urge to blog while am just wanna start to edit my thesis~~ Why i just cant finish the serious matter first~@.@ Well, nvm, i should have write something to 'sustain' my blog development ~~Haha, i feel guilty when i talk about 'development' because i dont take my blog as a diary but rather it is a place for me to keep some really special events, things and people that happened to pass by my life. So basically there is no development, or not much development.

First of all, something I'm obsessed with lately is the French manicure. Ya, i know French manicure is not a new thing for us. Somehow i only started to love it recently. Reason being during the last few weeks interview i have attended, in order to give the interviewer a good impression, i went for manicure in a nail salon in TS. I chose French because first my aunt suggest it and second it is indeed will create a elegant, classy and clean look. I used to be a fan of painting my nail black, dark blue, dark purple, dark red etc like so gothic, but as i aged (like i'm so old), i feel that is not really suitable for me anymore, and now i started to go for fancy color or baby soft color.

Below is the picture of my latest nail color which i have just painted last night. Mad love <3 <3 <3 However, it looks a lil messy and thick in real because i wanna get the pink even, so i have painted few layers. Besides, the white part painting is sooo hard because the brush head of my white lacquer is the bold (normal) type, so actually end up my fingers got the paint before i remove them with remover.

And final look is like this~~ =)))

 Secondly, is about cooking~~ I knew how to cook for years but i never really love to cook as i cook just because i want to eat, that's all. But recently, i have started to love it. Started to cook something different besides from chinese dish. Want to learn more western and middle east cuisine~=)) And i found out that to keep the broccoli still nice in its green or even wanna make it have a nicer green, is cook them in boiled SUGAR water, after take them out only add some table salt to enhance the taste. Besides, i also love to make salad nowadays. Have tried Garden salad and Caesar salad but sorry no pic available~~

And the picture below is the chicken omelet with carbonara spaghetti and mash potato onion salad~~=)

Next, i have permed my hair curl. I'm a lazy girl who put the least attention on my hair, and it appears as a hard routine for me to take care of the curl. T.T So everytime after i woke up from my cosy bed, my hair will in a mess and i seriously dun bother to set it, blow it or whatsoever~~@.@ So end up i always bun up my hair, to avoid myself look like a siao za bo~~ And now i know how important to have a nice hair, because frizzy and messy hair just not really make my day~~

Lastly, I'm going to grad!!!! Finally after 4 years of hardship~~gosh, it was already 4 years when i was enrolled to UKM but it's just like yesterday~~ Instead of saying time flies, i would like to say time teleports~@.@ Late night badminton at college just like yesterday and today i still can feel the arm pain, dance practice until late night just like yesterday that i can feel my bodyache today, chit-chating at cafe, at no.8 house, all the birthday-biess celebration etc just like they happened yesterday~ I hope our Nine Bonds relationship will always last~~ 4 years of friendship, so much memories~~ =')))

Ok, done blogging, now should have back to my thesis editing if i really want to grad, LOLX!! Have a nice day everyone!! xoxo

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