Wednesday, December 07, 2011

belated birthday post~

There is a while after i wrote the second last post, i have closed my blog for a period due to some personal reason..neway, i doubt if anyone still reading my blog b'coz i was like just update twice a year lately, not as frequent as last time already~~neway, during those bored bored days where lecture keeps on cancelling, no momentum for study n bla~~have the urge to back to my bloggie, literally means will update more frequent...maybe wanna try out something new~~haha...well, there is the 'URGE' and 'MAYBE', dun take it serious~~aww, i'm such an irresponsible blogger~~

Ok, back to the topic, my belated birthday post~~

Back to the old days when i was young, i always wish for a blast birthday celebration, u know, like throw out a party at somewhere else, invite sooo many guestssss, received sooo many pressiesss and take so many pretty photos~~However, that was once upon a time...

When i grow older, ya i'm 23, so wad~~i feel like whether there is a celebration or not, it doesnt important's just another day for me, well, perhaps i can make it a lil bit more special?=))

This year, 2011, i had a very blissful birthday~~

I remember, during lecture, my coursemate sang birthday song to me, which is nice~~haha, thanks a lot for the lovely song~~After that, i went to KLCC, make over inside a public toilet, where dunno how many rounds of queue already witnessed the transformation process. After done my make up, is time to groom myself up, well, just putting on some accessories, did a simply hair-do and change to a heel. And also waiting for someone to come~

After a while finally he reached the destination and received his phone call telling me to wait him in front of the main door. As he wants me to accompany him to the car park nearby, beside the zouk which only cost us rm5, rather than KLCC, could have cost us a bomb!! So, ok, so we met, finally!=)

After finish parking the car, the mister asked me to close my eyes, i said y? somehow i just did it. And from back seat he takes out 2 roses. I assume he didnt know the meaning behind coz when ppl gave roses to the special one, either 1, 3, maybe a bouquet or 99, 999 or something else which share the common meaning. 2, the figure is rather odd, but my heart was soften into tears becoz i nvr expected these from him~=))But he said, is my birthday, since i dont want cake, at least there must be something to make it different. And girls, can u imagine when there is a cute guy wearing something that he doesnt usually wear, find a florist, bought 2 roses without nicely packed, holding it at shopping mall n walk back to the car park?it wass so lovely~~it doesnt matter less flower or more flower, nicely packed or not, it was all enough~really!=)i was so happy already..haha!!

After that, as i made my promise, i treat him chilis...we just sat inside the restaurant for few hours. Luckily we found a nice view seat, so we just spending the wonderful time looking at the crowd outside the window, enjoying the nice meal, keeps on refilling our beverage n chat~~Blissful!=)

Fed the stomach, killed the time, we went for shopping. There is an 'Charles and Keith' newly opened in KLCC, so i went there to choose my gift from my housemate/coursemate. I bought a pair of olive green sandal with some artificial gemstone, a lil bohemia style, which is always my preference. And also went to SEPHORA, too bad ntg go home with me, tho the 'NAKED' palatte already restocked, but still after think twice i didnt buy it since i still left so many cosmetic with me, so better dun simply spend the money. After that went to my all-time favourite, WATSONS, myself a ZA liquid eyeliner since my eyeliner finish so fast as my tiny eyes required few mL each time when i do my eye make up!LOL!!!XD, few mL...okla, i bragged, haha but seriously at least 0.5 consider a lot just to make up the eyes...

Time passes really fast, after that we sat at the starbucks, sharing one glass of forgot what beverage, something with caramel, and chat, and taking photoss~~And we called it a day!=)))

Simple yet blissful right???=))   

It's me~~obviously..=.=

It's the sandal from my coursemate...Tho i'm petite, i still love to wear flat all the time~~i just knew myself is a petite after i google it. They define ppl who 160cm and below are petite~~~

Lastly, this is the gift from my lovely mei mei, soyoung, also from charles and keith...Lately so obssess with Chanel the classic bag, so choose the similar one~~love it heapsssss!!!!!!



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