Thursday, December 08, 2011

~changkat moment with my ah moi~

She is my best companion, for girl talk, for shopping, for club, for bar, and a lottt~~~Till now, i found that she is still the best one who can fit me a lot, that's y we go along with each other so well and all..and ya, she is pretty!=)

My ah moi who understand me so much~~love her to bitsss=)))

The cocktail we ordered. Left: cosmopolitan ; Right: Strawberry magarita...We shared them basically, but personally favoured the strawberry magarita more. The alcohol taste isnt so strong compared to the cosmopolitan. And the cosmopolitan tasted so much like cough syrup~~=.=


Outfit of the day, bottom is navy blue skinny jeans...neway, wadever skinny jeans when they are on me, they arent skinny anymore...i shud reli put more effort in losing my weight n the fat around my hips and thigh...T.T

Last one, too bad cant see my eyes make up~~love the make up a lot today~~But seriously like nothing when it was being captured~~~=.=

Called it a day~~And it was really enjoy just sitting down there with your gf talking, drinking and looking at the crowd~~=))

P/S: i miss my kharrr~~~ XOXO ~~~

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