Wednesday, December 07, 2011

~hobby that i like recently~

Grooming myself nicely (during hang out~~XD) is my all time job and also favourite~~Which girl doesnt feel happy when they see a more presentable self. Of coz, outlook is not all, inner beauty does speak for you too~~

Here I share my recent hobby where i found is fun, economic, reli time-consuming (is so gd for those who dunno what to do besides facing the laptop, FB with no interesting updates), and lastly will make u feel brand new again~~=)) That is changing my nail color!!!XD

Reason being, when u wanna change new color, u need to spend time for cleaning the old color, it takes about 10 minutes, if those adhere so hard one, probably need ~13 minutes? So it equal to scrolling ur side bar for maybe 10 times in FB, or refresh for 8 times in FB when u hav ntg to do. Haha~~XD

After removing, now is turn to remove the dead skin around my nails as well since i bought the things for rm1 during promotion, n i bought 2, so wanna finish it faster. Ok, apply and rub it, takes u another 10 minutes, after that wash it n dry it.

Then start the main job, which is applying them on ur nail. First layer, second layer...2 layers are enough, as if too thick it will dry so slow and those hidden wet part might get spoilt when u carry out daily activities.And also the top coat for a glossy finish. This will take you like 30 minutes or more.

And lastly, u might spend another 8 minutes to use cotton bud to remove the stain which out from the edge of the nail~~

So totally it will takes you like almost 1 hour or more!!not bad, spending 1 hour for the things u like right? In the end, u feel happy!!=))n brand new again!ya, i easily feel contented!=)

So am now showing my collection~~neither a lot nor few...coz u know right, color things, in between this red and that red, there must be another intermediate no matter how close the shades girls will never done with shopping~~hahah~~

These are the light and pastel shade~~price was gd, none of them more than rm10, at most also rm5.90, the cheapest is rm1, bought during promotion.

These are the dark shade. Half of it was given from my friend coz after she bought it only she realized she doesnt reli like it. Price range almost the same. rm5-rm8.9 (if not mistaken)

And this is my current it sooo much!!!!!!!!=)))And the quality is gd, so smooth and relatively quick drying. And it has a lil strawberry scent, so sweet!!

Ya, now i'm happy!!=p

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